Thomas Crapper Day

It was 108 years ago that Thomas Crapper, the man responsible for popularising the concept of indoor plumbing, died on January 27 1910 – a day now known as Thomas Crapper Day.


Born in South Yorkshire in 1836 and apprenticed to a master plumber in Chelsea in 1853, Thomas Crapper went on to spend three years as a journeyman plumber before establishing himself as a sanitary engineer in 1861.


Using his status as plumber to the Royal family to popularise indoor plumbing, Thomas Crapper opened the first bathroom showroom in 1870 and publicised the toilet at a time when no one spoke of such ‘necessities’.


Thomas Crapper became known as an advocate of sanitary plumbing, encouraging the notion of installation inside people’s homes and for refining and developing improvements to existing plumbing and sanitary fittings.


For over 150 years Thomas Crapper & Co. has been true to the ethos of its founder, producing quality bathroom products with an unrivalled attention to detail, which it defines as the ‘Crapper Difference.’ / 01789 450522

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