Hot, Cold & Filtered Taps

Having everything on tap (excuse the pun) eases demands made on our increasingly hectic lifestyles while from an eco-perspective having instant access to hot water saves energy. We review the latest products available in this important and growing sector.

Our AEG ProSource instant hot water tap is a 3-in-1 hot water kitchen tap that offers hot, cold and boiling water as well as a range of different benefits to the consumer.

Firstly, the ProSource tap offers consumers a new level of convenience.  Combining three streams of water into one minimalist spout, consumers now have the option to immediately have warm, cold or instant hot water at their fingertips. By removing the time spent waiting for water to boil, cooking and tea making becomes faster and more effortless.

Not only is the ProSource tap convenient, it’s also the ideal solution for those with a smaller workspace. By offering instant hot water straight from the tap, the ProSource tap removes the need for a kettle. In doing so, hot taps save valuable work surface area as they reduce clutter, yet simultaneously add value by integrating several functions into one appliance.

Another indicator of the ProSource’s popularity is that it’s a safe and sophisticated option for the family home. As the instant hot water option can only be dispersed once pushing the child lock, parents can be assured that the ProSource tap is a family-friendly kitchen installation. What’s more, the insulated spout ensures that the tap is safe to touch, reducing any risk of burns or scalding.

It’s imperative to consider all of the individual benefits that different hot taps offer. Consumers will require different features from a hot tap, but there are universal expectations from hot taps that retailers should look to cover in their range in order to maximise sales opportunities.

One of the best-selling points of a hot tap is efficiency. When choosing a hot tap, look for models that don’t only deliver efficiency to the cooking process, choose taps that are themselves efficient and easy to use. The ProSource tap requires very little maintenance for an essential kitchen appliance.

AEG would also recommend looking for internationally recognised awards for excellent design as a marker for the best hot taps on the market. The WRAS approved ProSource tap was awarded the Red Dot Best in Category on its launch, and is a clear indicator of high-quality manufacturing and pioneering kitchen technology.

Current sale forecasts suggest that the market for hot taps will grow and develop in response to consumer demand. As more suppliers bring out new hot tap innovations, and at varying price points, hot taps will become part of the mainstream kitchen appliance sector over the next couple of years.

As the market increases, expect to see new designs emerge to correlate with current interior trends. As kitchens continue to embrace a minimal aesthetic, sinks can be expected to remain a prominent design feature. No longer tucked away in the corner, statement taps will come to the forefront, playing an important role in future kitchen design.

This will also apply to hot taps. For consumers who favour the more traditional kitchen decor, expect to see the market develop vintage styles, whilst on the other side of the spectrum, hot taps will also progress to reflect the very latest in interior trends, be that finish or shape.


ProSource tap RRP from £1100 (ProSource kit includes 4L tank)

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