Family-owned Trojan has launched a range of new customer communications following a review of marketing activity in recent years. While the brand is well known in the industry, the company has previously concentrated on manufacturing own label products for some of the most recognised retailers in the UK. The new range of communications, including a new website – – and a range of printed materials, comes in response to the company identifying a very clear position in the market, whereby they offer a consistent price with decades of experience, justifying the advice they have to offer.

The new communications are a very welcome break from tradition for Trojan and give a clear indication of where the business wants to grow. David Mosley, Managing Director is very excited by the launch, as he is keen to show what Trojan is truly capable of. “For decades, we have continually invested in our facilities in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and made continual improvements to our manufacturing processes. There is a constant challenge set internally that we must have a superior product at all price points. This is achieved by using the correct materials and engineering the construction of the product. We are immensely proud of the quality products we send out on a daily basis and internally all of the team are aware of what the Trojan ‘stamp’ stands for. However, we’ve never really communicated this externally. As a business, we constantly analyse market trends and seek to develop new products to suit consumer needs and desires. With the introduction of our new marketing communications, we hope that a wider audience can finally see the extensive portfolio of products we manufacture but just how unique the Trojan brand is. We have always had consistent pricing but have the experience to help our customers put together the most compelling product portfolio too”.

Since launching in 1975, Trojan has had numerous hurdles to face, from a fire that raised the – uninsured – facility to the ground in 1977 to navigating the various economic issues throughout the 80s, 90s and most recently the Brexit vote. However, the core belief of the business is that this is all ‘living and learning’ – a saying coined by founder and recent Chairman, Maurice Mosley – and it’s from these decades of learning that Trojan are best placed to work with customers to build their sales.

Whist recognised predominantly for the everyday acrylic baths, that are produced continually on two shifts at the converted textile mill in Huddersfield, Trojan have also recently introduced a range of fabulous inset baths. These are perfect for creating the much sought-after home-spa look, with freestanding and claw feet baths for those looking for a stunning centrepiece, even when their budget is limited.

However, it’s the introduction of the Ramsden & Mosley range as well as the Bathe Easy range that demonstrates just how the company is reacting to market trends and consumer requirements. David Mosley adds, “We never want to bring something to market because it’s easy for us to manufacture, we are looking to create full ranges that give the end consumer exactly what they need for their overall project; consumers no longer just shop for a bath, they are wanting to recreate a look that they have seen on Instagram or capture the feel of the Pinterest board they have put together. That is why we are also launching our own social media sites – why shouldn’t a manufacturer have an opinion on bathroom trends and design? We are ultimately the people who create the products so it makes sense for us to share our thinking!”.

2018 is looking to be an exciting year for Trojan with more new products planned in all ranges, so while the world will continually throw challenges into the paths of all manufacturers, Trojan know where they want to go and are doing everything to make it happen.

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