Used Kitchen Exchange have announced an exciting offer for exhibitors at the KBB Birmingham 2018. Realising that the cost implications of exhibition displays and the headache of what to do with them after the event weighs heavy on retailers Helen Lord, has devised a new service for Retailers and Manufacturers.

‘We receive so many calls after an event such as the KBB Birmingham from Retailers desperate to move on their displays. All too often, there are only a couple of inadequate pictures for us to work with and the display has already been palletised and put into storage. Even more common is the reality of the ‘fire sale’ approach; selling at a loss, just to remove the problem’  says Helen, Founder of Used Kitchen Exchange.

She continues ‘Planning the sale of this valuable resource should be done prior to the event. Made to be the best of the best and designed to impress – these displays will be of genuine interest to potential domestic buyers who tend to have deeper pockets than opportunistic event attendees. Another key benefit is to view this as a strategic ‘soft launch’ : a fantastic way to secure brand position and desirability by building up excitement amongst domestic buyers. With over 80,000 buyers a month coming to our site, manufacturers and retailer can showcase their products in advance and therefore have buyers already secured and ready to collect after the event’

Used Kitchen Exchange are now promoting their ‘Pre-Exhibition’ service at a fixed fee of £500 +VAT: advertising displays ahead of an exhibition using design material and plans. Once the display is in situ a Professional Photographer will come and take the shots needed to promote at the event via Social Media if needed.  ‘Our belief is that we will have buyers for the majority of the displays before the event begins, however, if this doesn’t happen we will be on hand to market to event attendees via social media – this has worked so well for us in the past’

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