A Blank Canvas For Culinary Masterpieces

Neolith® Arctic White becomes artist’s medium at KUTCHiiN and Campus Loft, Munich

Holger Stromberg, one of Germany’s most original and visionary chefs and leading nutritionists, has chosen Neolith® Arctic White Silk for the kitchen worktops at his new restaurant KUTCHiiN and Campus Loft, his flagship event locations in Munich Germany. 


Stromberg was born into a world of hospitality. From the small pub founded by his great-grandparents, which his father turned into a restaurant, one might say gastronomy is in Holger’s blood. At the heart of his approach is a passion for the very best natural ingredients. 


Neolith Arctic White Silk was chosen for the kitchen’s surfaces by Stromberg, and interior design firm SODA, for its ability to withstand high-impact activities and constant temperature fluctuation. Particularly, he was impressed by how a hot pan can be placed on the Sintered Stone without any effect on the finish. 


Chef Stromberg’s approach is idiosyncratic, but rather than ascribing a signature style to himself, he shuns labelling or being pigeon-holed. For him there is so much variety, interest and beauty in the culinary world, it would be limiting to pin his cookery to one specific cuisine. Traditional, honest and ‘truly energetic’ cooking, which invigorates the diner, is encapsulated within each dish he prepares. This philosophy underpins KUTCHiiN & CAMPUS LOFT.

Discussing the restaurant concept Chef Stromberg said: “Our main goal and primary vision was creating a room with real character for every kind of event, being able to fulfill every idea, wish and requirement of guests and customers and not saying “no” to any kind of creative idea, however ambitious. We wanted our visitors to experience great food in a new, high end, authentic and very relaxed way. Therefore the location needed to promote and stimulate the senses, bringing diners and produce together for an immersive experience.”

When it came to refurbishing the restaurant’s kitchen earlier in 2017, Holger and his team wanted to avoid using stainless steel surfacing, ubiquitous in the hospitality sector. The team specifically looked for worktops which met the demanding requirements of a professional kitchen; this was how they came across Neolith.

A blank canvas on which to imagine new dish concepts, Neolith Arctic White Silk provided a desirably neutral backdrop which makes vividly coloured food stand-out. He demonstrated this asset, by creating a special dish in honour of the collaboration, a visually engaging pink crab pasta ravioli with a herbal jus. He further showcased the aesthetic qualities of the surface with a beautiful chopped salad of scallops, pesto and paprika.

Commenting on Neolith’s advantages, Stromberg added: “Neolith is a state-of-the-art substance with many useful properties, especially within a kitchen. It is highly adaptable and unobtrusive with a huge variety of applications; the colour of the Arctic White is so pure, simple and attractive.  Above all, the surface feels great to work on and complements my ethos and approach to the dining experience, a passion for high quality matched with honesty and sustainability.”

For Stromberg, every day is about making the customer experience a singular moment of joy. As such, every aspect of the locations, including the kitchen, needs to embody this ethos. It’s the key to his happiness and that of his diners.


Neolith Arctic White is one of the most popular finishes within Neolith’s Colorfeel Collection. An immaculate, pure white which imparts an intense luminosity and offers designers desirable continuity when required. The surface is gaining popularity within culinary circles for its visual neutrality, especially among chefs specialising in conceptual cuisine, as well as its high-levels tolerance and resistance.


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