Slicedstone Mosaics And Multiboard Help Create Kent Dog Grooming Salon

Frequently leading to their specification for the creation of wetrooms in top end residential and leisure developments, the practical as well as aesthetic benefits of Marmox’s Slicedstone mosaic tiles have now seen them being used to complete a grooming salon for canine customers in Kent.

A key reason Genevieve Parsons and her husband Jonathan chose the natural stone mosaics, which are mounted on a waterproof fleece, was that that the wash station and surrounding wet area are located in a prefabricated wooden cabin at the My Rural Activity Centre near Adisham.  Straightforward installation, total confidence in the integrity of the waterproof barrier and ease of cleaning were all addressed by the choice of the versatile product.

Marmox’s Slicedstone range has been treated with a clear Polycarbonate solution to create a stable surface that is waterproof, stain resistant and UV resistant.  The laser cut 25 x 25mm or 50 x 50mm tiles are available in a range of colours, either on a roll or in 30cm square sections for simplicity of fixing using the special Murexin adhesive.  Options include Copper, Bronze, Graphite, Mars Stone and Sea Stone as well as mixes of three mosaics.

The installation also made full use of Marmox Multiboard to form the shallow bath area and grooming station: with sections of the 60mm thick panels cut to form a set of steps as well as the tray itself and to line the walls.

Special floor and wall brackets help secure the vertical sections while Marmox 360 adhesive bonded the treads in place, while more pieces of the Multiboard created an upstand along the side of the steps to prevent overflow.

An extra layer of waterproof fleece effectively tanked the entire area, being dressed up the vertical edges with the corners folded in the style of ‘hospital’ bed-making, before being secured with glue.  The multi-coloured Slicedstone mosaic rolls were cut to size and bonded in place using the Mapei adhesive and all the joints grouted to complete the pristine appearance.

Jonathan Parsons commented: “Opting to build our own grooming station with steps rather than the usual stainless steel assembly has given Gen a wash area that is five times larger, while improving the comfort and wellbeing of the dogs.  Many dogs are more comfortable and conditioned to the texture and feel of tiles underfoot, as opposed to slippery stainless steel or standing on uncomfortable soakaway grates.  In terms of the installation, using the extra layer of waterproof fleece and the sheet mosaics that also have a waterproof fleece has given me double the amount of waterproofing.  Knowing this really gives us peace of mind that the water will be contained while cleaning-up soap, hair and everything else is made really easy”.

Many of the four-legged customers getting a wash and blow dry at My Rural Dog Grooming have got their coats muddy while undertaking training classes or other activities at the My Rural centre. The facility also offers a wide range of things to do for families which can be viewed on the website



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