INDESIT #DOITTOGETHER Study Results – Chore Sharing During Lockdown

Indesit continues to focus on the gender imbalance of sharing the domestic chores as part of its #DoItTogether campaign. The recent Indesit study explored how chores were divided during the UK lockdown, and how children were involved in helping with housework.

Indesit found that almost 68 per cent of women feel that in the last year they have had to juggle more household chores than ever before1. Although 66 per cent of women believe that they are setting a good example by sharing household duties with their family, promoting equality where they can, 67 per cent still feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of chores and tasks that fall to them with over a third (37 per cent) having to do everything themselves1. However, while women tend to do the chores more often, men are often found doing their bit by washing dishes (65 per cent), taking out the rubbish (65 per cent) and vacuuming (62 per cent)1.

Indesit manufactures appliances that make everyday tasks simpler, faster and stress-free to help reduce the burden of housework, which can seem never-ending for consumers, especially when having to spend more time at home. Indesit is committed to designing easy-to-use, time-saving, family-friendly appliances that are accessible to all users. The Indesit #DoItTogether campaign is designed to encourage families to think about how to share the chores fairly, in addition to highlighting that educating children, and getting them involved in the housework, is the right way to move forward to combat gender imbalance.

Indesit has recently introduced a number of appliances that are easy-to-use, to relieve the pressure on families. The new range of Indesit full-size dishwashers, available as both freestanding (DFO 3T133 F UK) and integrated (DIO 3T131 FE UK) appliances, boast the time-saving Push&Go feature, a superior drying performance and a Fast&Clean programme, to perfectly clean dishes in less than half an hour2. What’s more, to help with preparing hearty family meals, the new Indesit Push&Go induction hobs benefit from a DualZone, which allows users to connect two zones, creating an extra-large zone, to suit the largest of saucepans.

Charmaine Warner, Indesit Brand Manager, Indesit, says: “Right now, given we’re spending so much more time at home, it’s the ideal time to rethink how we’re sharing chores and how our habits might be rubbing off on our children. At Indesit, we believe it is vital to share the chores equally, to lighten the load and ensure children learn the importance of equality for future generations. We conducted a lockdown survey to find out how families coped and if children were becoming more involved in the completing the household chores.

“We’re delighted to learn that children are helping out at home, with 43 per cent vacuuming, 42 per cent feeding family pets and 39 per cent washing the dishes. We strive to manufacture intuitive, straightforward appliances that allow all members of the family to get great results with minimal effort and hope to play a part in lightening the load for families.”

Top 10 tasks children help with1:

  1. Vacuuming (43 per cent)
  2. Feeding pets (42 per cent)
  3. Washing dishes (39 per cent)
  4. Dusting (32 per cent)
  5. Sweeping (28 per cent)
  6. Cooking (25 per cent)
  7. Watering plants (24 per cent)
  8. Taking out the rubbish (24 per cent)
  9. Laundry (17 per cent)
  10. Washing the car (16 per cent)

For further information on Indesit appliances or the #DoItTogether campaign, please contact your account manager, or visit the website at

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