Quooker partners with charity water

Boiling water tap manufacturer Quooker is partnering with charity water, the non-profit organisation
on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to people around the world. Supporting
communities in the Karnali Province in Nepal, Quooker has made a one-off donation that will supply
water to over 130 people in one of the country’s most remote regions with new piped system tap
stands. Marking World Water Day on 22 March 2023, this partnership aims to shine a spotlight on the
crucial importance of sharing nature’s most precious resource.
Clean water changes everything. It creates an environment for better education, higher incomes,
renewed dignity, improved health and gender equality. Each family that has access to clean water will
save an average of 70 minutes each day. According to research, in Nepal, every hour saved in water
collection increases a girl’s attendance in school by 30%. charity water’s partner on the ground,
Helvetas Nepal, takes special care to empower and educate women, working with local communities
to transform traditional roles of unpaid household work into respected leadership roles in water
Given Nepal’s mountainous terrain and the regularity of landslides, clean water sources are not easily
accessible. The solution? Piped tap stands take water from protected natural springs high up in the
mountains to reservoir tanks in communities below. These tanks are connected to a network of
distribution pipes that disperse water to tap stands for homes, schools and clinics. Systems are
powered by gravity and solar power.
Commenting on the partnership, Quooker MD Stephen Johnson states, ‘At Quooker, we recognise just
how precious a commodity water is. We have developed our taps to help conserve it – boiling, filtering
or carbonating only what is needed. We are delighted to be able to work with charity water and its
partners Helvetas Nepal, bringing clean water to so many. As a nation, we too often take clean water
for granted and we are committed to helping raise the profile of this invaluable work.
We long for a world where women and young girls do not have to miss out on education, career
prospects and family life simply to collect clean water. This World Water Day, we urge others in the
KBB sector to lend their support to such a worthwhile cause.’

For more information on how to donate or about the vital work of charity water, visit

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