Monochrome Kitchens with Quooker Taps

How Quooker taps elevate a monochrome kitchen

Monochrome schemes are a timeless trend for kitchens. Whether in a classic black and white kitchen, or in a kitchen designed boldly with the use of a singular tone, Quooker taps are the ultimate style icons to feature in a monochrome space.

Quooker taps are celebrated globally for going above and beyond as practical kitchen assets, delivering boiling, hot, cold, filtered, chilled and sparkling water options at the push of a button. However, it is also the form and finish of the taps that make Quooker the go-to for design-conscious consumers.

Quooker’s collection holds a versatile range of finishes. Matt black can be the perfect companion to a modern space as it offers a striking contemporary aesthetic. This finish, available across the Fusion and Flex models, is perfectly complementary in a minimalist monochrome kitchen as it either blends into a dramatic dark backdrop or stands out, depending on the scheme. What’s more, the matt finish removes visibility of smudges and fingerprints, so the tap remains smart in a functioning kitchen.

As an alternative, the Fusion tap can work as decorative feature in its own right when featured in the gold finish. Offering an opulent accent to elevate its surroundings, gold features beautifully alongside many monochrome colour-schemes. With plenty of styles to choose from, Quooker taps look beautiful when used in any kitchen.


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