HiB unveils new Platform illuminated bathroom mirror

The new Platform mirror from leading product supplier HiB, offers exceptional illumination and clarity with technology to enrich the bathroom experience.

Not only does the new mirror benefit from precision LED lighting around the edge of the surface, which is ideal for practical use, but the unique design of Platform’s illuminated glass shelf also offers ample opportunities for storage and access to essentials. This combined with the integrated electric toothbrush charger, which fits most major toothbrush brands, plus the wireless phone charger and removable anti-slip mat, makes the Platform mirror innovative and highly versatile as a bathroom product.

Available in three sizes, 50cm, 60cm and 80cm wide, the Platform mirror also features a heated pad which reduces condensation on the mirror’s surface. Hygiene and cleanliness are also considered, with all the mirror’s advanced features operated using a touch-free sensor switch under the shelf.

Ash Chilver, HiB Sales Director said: “The new Platform mirror is a fantastic example of great design and practical use. The addition of a wireless phone charger and electric toothbrush charger within the glass shelf adds a new and versatile feature to the product that is unlike anything else we have in the range. It has a sleek, minimalist charm and with the three different sizes, it will look fantastic in any bathroom.”

For more information about the Platform mirror and other products that have recently been launched by HiB visit https://www.hib.co.uk/

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