Franke launches an animated video to explain the benefits of its WDUs

Franke has launched a short animated video aimed at consumers to showcase the benefits of its waste disposal unit (WDU) range. The video, available on the ‘UKFranke’ YouTube channel here, uses the company’s eye-catching ‘Make it Wonderful’ branding and illustrative style and is designed to act as a selling tool for its retail partners.

The video outlines the main features of the units and their benefits to consumers from hygiene and convenience to safety features and ease of installation.

Says Jeanette Ward, communications manager at Franke:

“Our research has suggested that many consumers have never considered a waste disposal unit because they are either not aware of the benefits, or they assume they will be difficult to install.

“Using the video, retailers can show that WDUs make short work of all kinds of food waste, reducing the amount going into the bin – and to landfill – and are very easy to install, even retrospectively.”

All models in Franke’s WDU Turbo Elite range feature anti-bacterial odour protection for added hygiene, with the assurance of a ten year guarantee. The five WDUs in the range offer different performance levels to deal with differing household waste requirements with sound insulation for quieter operation.

Compatible with most sinks, they each feature robust stainless steel grinding components within their corrosion-proof chambers, with a special guard to stop cutlery from being accidentally dropped into the unit.

For further information, contact Franke on tel: 0161 436 6280 or visit

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