‘Dark Hues’ and ‘Tranquillity’ Set to Thrive Among Autumn and Winter Kitchen Trends

Dark hues and warm neutrals are expected to join fluted and tranquil effects in the list of trends set to dominate kitchen design this autumn and winter, according to Bushboard, a leading manufacturer of innovative surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms.

A trend that most retailers and fitters will be accustomed to, producing a tranquil space within a kitchen design is one anticipated to grow in popularity as the colder months commence. More homeowners are predicted to incorporate calming colours, such as blues and greens, to develop a kitchen space that shields them from the outside world.

Owing to their ability to embrace these soothing hues, splashbacks are likely to face high demand in kitchen designs for the remainder of the year. While items including plants, accessories and cabinets can be used to provide a subtle shade of the natural world, recommending a worksurface that ties the scheme together is essential to fulfilling a home’s unique preferences.

Autumn is expected to bring a shift from the popular white, minimalist kitchen designs, to warm neutrals and earth-inspired tones, creating a multi-dimensional design that reflects nature. The versatility of earth hues is destined to be a key selling point among retailers, given their ability to supply a neutral base for any design. This enables homeowners to incorporate a variety of different textures and materials within the same colour palette to add depth and interest.

As a result, wood and stone worksurfaces are set to complement the drive towards a warm neutral design due to their rich, earthy undertones. The high costs typically associated with such materials can be avoided by encouraging homeowners to opt for a laminate surface at a fraction of the price. For instance, choosing a wood-effect aluminium splashback, part of Bushboard’s Alloy range, additionally removes the need to purchase an expensive glass cover, due to their fire safe and waterproof nature.

The fluted effect is a trend gaining momentum, appearing in kitchens across the country. As more homeowners look to provide an aesthetically pleasing, ripple effect to add a space-elevating layer of texture, an option that can do so without overpowering the room is understandably desirable. Moreover, including a fluted-effect splashback throughout the kitchen is perfect for homeowners looking to adopt a neutral scheme.

At a time of the year whereby a cosy feeling is most needed, hues including dark greens and blues are expectedly popular. Black, charcoal grey and dark woods, however, are all gaining momentum among design schemes, as more homes look to adopt a sleek and sophisticated allure that ensures year-round appeal.

Matching dark cabinets with deep-toned worksurfaces can help in producing an opulent scheme. To achieve this look, both retailers and installers could advise homeowners to opt for dark marble and stone finishes that add interest through veining and texture. Alternatively, grey marbles, woods and steel finish surfaces and splashbacks provide a lighter aspect to the kitchen, forming the perfect kitchen by contrasting colour.

To discover how to best recreate autumn and winter 2023 trends with kitchen surfaces, visit: https://www.bushboard.co.uk/

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