Custom steam bathing built into Cotswold home’s guest cottage

The owners of a quintessentially Cotswold property, close to Stow-on-the-Wold in Gloucestershire, have enhanced both the amenity and the aesthetic appeal of their guest lodge by commissioning Steamist to create a bespoke steam bathing room within its upper storey.
The custom built facility has been fashioned to provide space for up to four people to enjoy fully controllable, luxury steam bathing, within sumptuous glass and marble surroundings.

Fitted expertly within the renovated building’s sloping roofline, the advanced Steamist enclosure delivers temperature regulated steam via vents below the seats and through a stainless/brush finished steel outlet in the back wall. The rear elevation also features a conventional, height-adjustable showering head and recesses for toiletries, while above is a matching ceiling mounted Rain Shower. Meanwhile, other elements from the Steamist package installed include mood lighting, aromatic oil infusion and blue-tooth enabled speakers for background music.

While the well-engineered and energy efficient Steamist generator is fitted remote from the glass fronted enclosure, the TotalSense control screen enables two users to set such personal preferences as temperature and duration and while the patented ShowerSenseTM valve can provide temperature controlled hot water to three separate outlets, there is also a mySteamistTM app available to make the user-friendly installation even more flexible.

Steamist and its nationwide network of stockists offer a comprehensive design and installation service, enabling clients across the leisure, hotel and high end residential market to enjoy custom built steam bathing enclosures such as the one within this private Cotswold residence: referencing the company’s motto of “Relax Restore Renew”.

A spokesperson for Steamist commented: “Where saunas were once seen as an aspirational feature to luxury homes and other properties, steam bathing enclosures with built-in Rain Shower, Body Spray, Waterfall or other shower outlets now offer a far more versatile and luxurious option. Combined with our advanced control systems, lighting and music systems, Steamist offers the complete steam bathing package.”

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