Battle of the surfaces: laminate vs quartz

Over the last year, there has been an increase in the number of consumers upgrading from laminate to quartz surfaces, a trend predicted to continue.

Though many installers still prefer the benefits of laminate, such as its lightweight properties and affordability, quartz’s durability and aesthetic advantages are of increasing interest to consumers and installers alike.

But what if you didn’t have to choose between the two?! Maxtop Quartz provides a solution with a surface that combines the beauty of quartz with engineered enhancements. Delivering a flexible, lightweight worktop that’s just as strong and significantly easier to install, with the advantage of a deeper 40mm profile – a depth that is impractical with conventional fabrication.

Maxtop Quartz has the combined advantages of both laminate and quartz, offering an affordable surface, at £220 per square metre, that is flexible and just as durable as standard quartz, thanks to its patented interior structure – a honeycomb core made of polypropylene.
Stephen Moss, managing director of Maxtop Quartz Ltd, said “It’s become commonplace for installers to have to choose between affordability and quality when it comes to kitchen surfaces and we’re here to provide a solution to that.

“Quartz is often seen as a luxury kitchen surface, perhaps out of many people’s price range, but the introduction of Maxtop Quartz to the UK market means many can greatly increase the grandeur of their kitchen for a relatively small cost implication.”

For more information about Maxtop please visit or the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Alternatively, call 0161 224 0333 or visit the Maxtop YouTube page to watch a short installation video.

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