Consumer Credit Solutions celebrates 20 years of consumer finance for the KBB industry

Consumer Credit Solutions is celebrating 20 years supporting the KBB industry and providing consumer finance to the sector.  The business began in 1999 as a partnership and is still owned and managed by its founders Andy Wallace and Peter Nicholson.  Since then CCS has grown into the UK’s leading independent finance facilitator working with family-run and regional businesses, as well as some of the country’s top brands.  The company has a UK-wide team of Business Development Managers in addition to support staff based at its headquarters near Preston, Lancashire.

Managing Director Andy Wallace reflected, “Twenty years is an incredible milestone for the business.  In that time, we have not only overcome the challenge of entering the highly competitive consumer finance industry but we have absolutely thrived, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the whole team.”

CCS has built a reputation for its innovative approach to consumer credit and now manages around a £1million pounds a day in finance applications. It became a limited company in 2018.

Andy continued, “We have dedicated ourselves to providing a level of customer service that is second to none, and building strong relationships with our retail-partners is at the core of everything we do.  By taking the time to understand our partners’ businesses thoroughly we can provide them with a credit strategy that will win them more customers, grow their businesses and help them become even more successful.

“Over the last two decades we haven’t allowed ourselves to standstill.  We’re constantly taking steps to ensure CCS remains ahead of the game while staying true to its founding values – operating with integrity at all times; enabling retail-partners to maximise each and every sales opportunity; and striving to ensure end-customers get a credit offering that’s both fair and meets their requirements.”

CCS led the way in promoting the benefits of soft-sell promotional finance in the home improvement sector, such as interest free and buy now pay later, over high-cost loans used as a revenue stream by businesses.  It was at the forefront of encouraging the industry to put customers first and proving that promotional finance is actually better for business as it creates more enquiries, closes more sales and generates higher order values compared to cash.

Executive Director Peter Nicholson added, “Our approach, which we started to introduce in 2007, was ahead of the game and pre-empted the introduction of the Financial Conduct Authority’s key principle of ‘treating customers fairly’ when it took over responsibility for consumer credit from the Office of Fair Trading in 2014.  Since the FCA’s appointment, we have continued to enhance our support by recruiting a Marketing Manager to assist retail-partners with their finance-led promotions and a Compliance Management team to provide guidance on regulation.

“We’ve also invested heavily in software tools to help businesses meet their regulatory obligations. This includes the acquisition of a controlling share in Castlefields Computer Consultants, which enables us to be more directly involved in the development of cutting-edge finance solutions.

“We’re looking forward to a positive future and CCS remains in a position to continue to offer the KBB sector a strong credit offering – including Buy Now Pay Later, 0% interest free and low interest rate options – backed by some of the UK’s biggest and best lenders.”

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