Carron Phoenix Carronade Elite waste disposal units are a must-have in the kitchen

The Carronade Elite waste disposal units from Carron Phoenix are designed to meet any household waste requirements, with two models offering different sizes, performance levels and price points.

Compatible with most sink models, the range features the powerful continuous feed Carronade CE-75 and the more slimline continuous feed CE-50, which are designed to grind up leftover organic waste into fine particles to be flushed through the main drain by running water through the unit. Both models feature antibacterial protection for odour control in addition to sound insulation for quiet operation.

The CE-75 has a ¾ HP motor, 800ml capacity, reaches a speed of 2700 RPM with load and is backed by a 10-year warranty.  Meanwhile the CE-50, ideal for households where space under the sink is at a premium, has a ½ HP motor, 600ml capacity, reaches a speed of 2600 RPM and offers a three-year warranty. Both models are available with the option of an extended flange when fitting to ceramic sinks.

Carron Phoenix’s waste management range also features five waste sorter bins of different capacities, enabling households to effectively segregate waste prior to collection. The Linea range has options from the single 30-litre Linea 130 model through to the Linea 360 which comprises 30-litre bin and two 15-litre bins.  All five Linea models are backed by a two-year warranty.

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