Yet another patent for ESSE’s hand-built British technology!

The UK’s oldest stove and range cooker manufacturer, ESSE, has been granted yet another patent for its industry-leading technology; this time for the innovative ‘surround heat’ system used on the company’s electric range cooker models.

Lancashire-based ESSE continues to develop ever more pioneering and energy-efficient models; pushing the boundaries of modern cooking and living, even after 163 years.

ESSE’s electric cookers benefit from elements that ‘wrap around’ each oven for completely even temperatures. These surround elements have been recognised as completely unique and granted ‘patented’ status to illustrate this ingenuity.

What does this mean for customers?
Sales Director Mark Blewitt explains: “ESSE range cookers have always been known for their fuel economy and even temperatures. We wanted to make sure that there was absolutely no compromise on ESSE’s reputation for perfect performance.

“Our surround heat system means that the elements in our electric ovens offer the same radiant heat as our solid fuel, oil, wood-burning and gas models. Temperatures are consistent throughout the space, which means you don’t need to turn dishes or swap shelves during cooking, and you can even place dishes directly on the base of the oven to cook.

“The additional benefits of ESSE’s electric models include the fact that they are fully controllable, they offer fast heat up times, simple installation (just plug in and cook), a full-width grill, dual hotplate and versatile ovens, as well as low running costs.

“Since 1854, ESSE models – both stoves and cookers – have continuously evolved to suit the needs of the modern British home. Carefully considered details mean that our products offer a host of benefits; these may be relatively small details, like easy-shut doors on our range cookers, but they make all the difference when you lift a hot dish out and you can nudge the door closed with your knee!

“We are proud to have achieved yet another patent on our coveted range cookers. It goes to show we’re not content to rest on our laurels, even after more than a century and a half of Great British manufacturing.”

ESSE range cookers are available in a choice of sizes, fuel types and 20 stunning colours.
The NEW electric 990 EL has a huge dual hotplate (cast iron and induction), a full-width grill, two independently-controlled ovens and a warming oven which is perfect for slow cooking melt-in-the-mouth casseroles and more. This model also includes a beautifully cast adjustable vent to maintain more or less moisture in the oven, depending what your recipe requires. It retails from £6825.

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