Wren Takes the Contracts Market by Storm with Affordable Luxury Kitchens, In-House Quartz Production and Leading Delivery Times

The UK’s leading kitchen retailer has made a ground-breaking entry into the Contract housing market, sparking excitement among property developers, large and small. Known as the people’s favourite kitchen retailer, Wren is set to revolutionise the Contracts sector with its unparalleled offerings in terms of affordability, luxury, design and finish options, rapid delivery times and installation coverage.

In a market where quality, efficiency and innovation are paramount, Wren stands apart from the rest and here’s why:

  1. Affordable Luxury: Wren has redefined the concept of affordable luxury in kitchen design, making it accessible to a wider audience. With a huge range of design and finish options, property developers can now create kitchens that exude opulence without breaking the bank.
  1. Industry-Leading Delivery Times: Time is of the essence in property development. Wren understands this, which is why they take pride in their unbeatable delivery times. We ensure that developers can stay on schedule and deliver projects to plan, with call off periods from as little as two weeks.
  2. Inhouse Quartz Factories: Wren’s commitment to quality, choice and efficiency leads the way in the Quartz production arena. Wren has two of Europe’s largest, purpose-built Quartz production facilities, making them a leading force in this sector. The UK based operations offer an extensive selection of colours and finishes but also enables Wren to excel in delivering impressive turnaround times from template to install.

Wren is committed to driving excellence in the Contracts market by providing property developers with solutions that streamline their projects and boost their bottom line. Their Contract kitchen experts are ready to collaborate with you to create the perfect kitchen solution for projects of any size.

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