What no waste?

Showers without any obstacles. No tray, or steps just a continuing ceramic surface allowing easy access. A sense of freedom, space and design. You enjoy a comfortable and luxurious showering experience.

Our new invisible “level” shower tray offers the perfect solution for any wet room. The prefabricated level tray is invisible because it is covered by the ceramic floor tiles, allowing for a completely level floor throughout the whole bathroom. The slopes of the shower are hidden under the flooring. The water disappears through the gaps in the tiles where grout would normally be used.

Apart from the clean stylish look it is also ideal for anybody with disabilities.

The level shower tray has a self-cleaning surface with antibacterial fungicidal sanitary treatment. With no visible waste/grate the removal of hair is easy and does not create the normal problem associated with more traditional systems.

One of the difficulties associated with installing a wet room is creating the correct gradient of the floor, and then having to cut and envelope the tiles into position. This also tends to spoil the look of the floor. Installing the “level” is almost as easy as installing a traditional shower tray, and can be used on concrete or wooden floors.

We offer a wide variety of sizes to suit most needs.

We are confident that the “level” tray will change the consumer and installers thought process when looking at wet rooms and will offer showrooms a different solution and make them stand out from their competition.

We are currently looking for partners in the UK to display and promote this product. We also offer other products for use in a wet room including our Dry50 waterproof membrane, designed to ensure your tiled walls and floors are waterproof.

For more information on the level tray and other products please visit our website: www.revestech.co.uk

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