“Vauth-Sagel Design Dialogue” in touch with the times

Moscow, 25.11.2021 – The 4th “Vauth-Sagel Design Dialogue” as part of the Moscow furniture exhibition “Mebel” was a complete success once more. The Design Forum,
initiated by Vauth-Sagel, took place for the 4th time. More than 100 professional participants from the fields of design, planning and product management were welcomed
by Managing Director Heinz-Otto Sagel and Tetyana Sydorova, Area Sales Manager Eastern Europe, to address the topical question: “What needs will define us and our products in the future?” There was great interest in finding inspiration from Vauth-Sagel, the renowned system solution provider.

“In order to create market-oriented system solutions for everyone, it is necessary to have a dialogue on location to better understand the local needs of the people” – this is how
Managing Director Heinz-Otto Sagel summarises the intention of the 4th Vauth-Sagel Design Dialogue.

Georg Wittenbrink, Head of Design and Product Management at Vauth-Sagel, introduced the topic with a keynote speech and made it clear that the Vauth-Sagel design strategy makes the interdisciplinary method of dialogue the basis of the innovation process. “As a trendsetter in the design of convenient living spaces, we wanted to know precisely
which trends are shaping our present and our future. We also wanted to find out what inspires people today, how they furnish their homes, what their preferences are, and what
needs and perspectives younger generations have,” says Wittenbrink.

With the concrete examples of innovation from the current Vauth-Sagel product range, such as the new purist Essentio design line, Vauth-Sagel is focusing on the trend of moving towards “reduction”. The filigree design is not only visually appealing, but also ensures optimal use of space. Optimum use in the smallest of spaces is also answered by the VS ADD® Flex modular system. The other products VS SUB®Larder, VS ADD®Board, VS ADD®Box and VS ADD®Separator, VS WASH and VS TOP®Down were also used to show how the balancing act between the fact that space is becoming scarcer and more precious and the need for comfort is growing can be achieved at the same time.

Transitions between different worlds, such as work and home life, are blurring into one. Vauth-Sagel takes this fact into account and goes one step further by showing natural and matt textured surfaces, preferably easy to clean, with anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial coating. With the innovative surface structures such as Nero st, Stone st and Alu st, Vauth Sagel is providing another “design footprint” in this direction.

“The reality is that we live in an age of renewal and rapid transformation. Today, global challenges have a direct impact on the lives of our customers. During the pandemic, things were tidied up and reorganised in the truest sense of the words. So we are asking ourselves: do we need to rethink our living spaces? Which alliances can help here and what is the role of design? What needs will define us and our products in the future?” Wittenbrink says, summing up.

At the end of the forum, the best feedback and ideas of the participants were collected and outstanding ideas were awarded with a Vauth-Sagel Co-Design certificate. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity for mutual discussion and networking.

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