Variety is the spice of life

Choosing kitchen doors is no mean feat for the consumer in today’s market. With so many styles, colours and finishes now available, the kitchen industry has been revolutionised  by variety over the past 5 years. Consumers have the biggest and finest choice to date and it’s up to you to showcase this in the best possible way.

At BA Components, we appreciate and understand the consumers needs and that’s why we spend several months of the year researching new colours, styles and finishes so you can offer the greatest range for your customer base.

With on trend colours such as Oriental Black to London Concrete, to Supermatt and Ultragloss finishes to woodgrains and metallics, BA have one of the biggest offerings in the market today with over 800 door styles and distinctive colour combinations. Not forgetting those special finishing touches.


With over 70 handle and door knob options, BA have something to suit every style from traditional to contemporary. For those seeking the extra modern and minimalistic look, there’s the handle-less rail option or the J Pull.


Marketing is imperative to gain footfall through your doors and BA Components pride itself on offering the best marketing support in the industry today. We can assist you with showroom displays, pop up stands, swatches, an online photo gallery and social media promotion which will all help to generate leads and ultimately sales for your business.


If you want to start offering your customers something truly different in the world of kitchens, join the UK’s fast growing kitchen manufacturer dealer network today.  Visit today or call 028 8676 4600 to find our more information.


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