Add colour, warmth and style to your kitchen – Ultraheat

Ultraheat’s Premier Range offers stylish, effective heating at competitive prices. Designed with the dimensions and trends of the British kitchen in mind, we present solutions where ‘unusual’ is also ‘useful’.

Mid-height, wall-mounted designs; kitchens often lack lower wall space so optimise the upper wall with an Electric Towel Rail. They offer flexibility of placement and a simple solution for heating areas where there are no central heating outlets available.

Tall, vertical designs; these designs save space without compromising on heat output. Ultraheat’s Imperium, Sofi, Klon, Tilbrook, Linear, Tian and Trojan ranges feature many tall but slim options, with up to two metres of height but as little as 30cm of width.

Multi-purpose solutions; in the kitchen, it’s helpful to have an ambient heat source, but also a point heat source for drying wet items such as tea towels. Ultraheat offers a range of coordinating clip-on accessories, as well as radiators with integrated heated towel bars, such as the Buckingham, Devon  and Hampton ranges.

Warmth and colour: make your next radiator an integral part of your kitchen design; with Ultraheat, you can match your radiator to a chosen RAL colour, or a metallic finish that coordinates with other objects in kitchen space, such as unit handles or sink fixtures.

Every Ultraheat heating product comes with a warranty. To find out more about the Ultraheat range, download the catalogue here.

Ultraheat is one of the heating divisions of Pitacs Limited.

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