Trojan Trends; our thoughts on the Bathroom Industry 2020

As we move into 2020, Huddersfield-based bath manufacturer Trojan have begun to look at the trends that are affecting the bathroom industry. With over four decades of manufacturing experience, Trojan have a deep understanding of how these influences can impact our lives and how their products need to adapt to suit changing consumer needs.

Slow living is a trend that has been recognised by many and is thought to have a huge impact on consumer well-being. As time is becoming an ever-increasing commodity, Trojan are recognising that there are services and technologies on the market which can help with our new fast pace way of life. However, additional research also shows that consumers are willing to invest in products that allow them the time and space they need to relax and break away from their everyday routines.

In addition to this, JOMO (The Joy of Missing Out), means that 78% of millennials are choosing to spend time alone, rather than heading out to socialise. This is an ideal opportunity for retailers to highlight the well-known benefits of a bath; the relaxation, the escapism, the many reasons to lock yourself and have some much needed ‘me time’.

Trojan understand that their baths provide a space for their consumers to relax and unwind. With a range of collections that help create a haven, whatever the size of the bathroom, personal style or budget. Should they choose, customers can even treat themselves to adding Trojan’s Aquair to their bath; Aquair is a range of spa and whirlpool options designed to offer hydrotherapy to almost any bath. A proven method of relieving stress and tension.

Through research, Trojan believe that ‘Ageless Design’ will continue to be a big influence in 2020, growing in line with the UK’s ageing population. Since 2012, the proportion of working-age adults with a disability has risen from 16% to 19%, whereas the overall percentage of people with disabilities in general is 22% – a figure that looks set to continue growing. Trojan’s Bathe Easy range of products designed for independent living, allow for comfortable, safe bathing and showering, whilst still providing elegant and contemporary design.

Trojan believe that whilst innovation in bathroom design remains a key consideration, sustainability is just as important. Speaking recently, Trojan’s Managing Director, David Mosley said,

“With the majority of businesses now focusing on sustainability and the UK economy on everyone’s mind in 2020, Trojan are thrilled to be say that our manufacturing remains true to our roots, with our products proudly made right here in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. We strive to source local components for all of our products and while our baths as considered to be a ‘one time use plastic’, our quality manufacturing means we can offer 25 year guarantees on most baths, ensuring they are anything but one time use!”

Throughout their 45 years in manufacturing, Trojan have come to understand that all consumers have different needs, as well as different budgets and that is why the business ensures it monitors consumer trends to ensure their model of offering the right product, for the price with the right advice remains true across all brands and ranges. For Trojan, consistency is key.

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