TITUS Launches Space-Efficient Slimline Drawer Range

Cabinet hardware expert TITUS has launched a second-generation range of its popular Tekform double-wall drawers. The new slimline versions feature a sleek and visually-appealing design, and have 14 mm side panels that maximise efficient utilisation of drawer space. They also incorporate the precision engineered TITUS hydraulic dampers to ensure a reliable and consistent soft closing action, combined with low pull-out force.

Tekform slimline drawers are available in three heights – 70, 145 and 182 mm – and can be supplied in a range of visually appealing finishes that ideally complement contemporary furniture designs. A further key benefit is that they use the same drilling pattern for runners as their predecessors, which facilitates mounting in existing products and designs.

Drawers are fast and easy to assemble, thanks to the EasyFix locking system used for the front-panel connector, which requires only hand insertion and a quarter of a turn with a screwdriver to lock the panel securely in place. Reliable life-long ‘ConfidentClose’ soft closing is assured by the use of the renowned TITUS single-direction precision engineered hydraulic dampers, which smoothly slow down the linear movement of the drawer as it reaches the closed position but offer minimal resistance to movement when the drawer is being opened.

Installation of the drawers within the cabinet is fast and straightforward. Extended tolerances in cabinet construction can be accommodated without compromising accurate alignment, smooth and silent operation and excellent stability in the open position. In addition, variations of up to ± 1 mm in bottom panel width size are acceptable.

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