The four-steps of innovation that make a Quooker a family friendly asset to the kitchen

When it comes to safety in the home, Quooker has taken extra care to ensure its taps are the safest on the market. With in-built safety features including child-lock mechanisms that prevent accidental activation, look to Quooker for ultimate peace of mind in the kitchen.

1.No danger of drops or spills

Unlike a kettle, a Quooker tap is a static, immovable object which cannot be accidentally spilled or tipped over. The taps are also located way out of a child’s reach. This is coupled with the rotatable spout which allows for precision pouring.

2. No Accidental Activation

Quooker taps boast a sophisticated state-of-the art safety system that will never automatically dispense boiling water. The patented double push and twist mechanism, ensures boiling water is safely dispensed only following a quick and deliberate motion.

The red glow of the light around the base of the handle will alert to boiling water in use, and this is located separately from the regular cold/hot water lever. In the Nordic range, the boiling water tap is an entirely separate mixer to that of the standard hot and cold.

The Quooker Flex range has a built-in flexible pull out hose, with a ‘cut off’ lock prevention system in place to ensure boiling water cannot be used when the hose is in use. This extra safety function offers additional user reassurance and makes the entire Quooker range the safest on the market.

3. A Safer Stream of Water

There’s ingenuity in the design of every Quooker tap, as it facilitates an aerated flow of boiling water, rather than a continuous stream when dispensed from the tap. This means that in the unlikely event hands come into contact with the flowing water, it is a fine spray not a solid jet. So it would be hot, but not scalding to the touch. This is unlike a kettle which could cause serious scalding with its flow of uncontrollable boiling water.

4. Taps That Are Always Cool To Touch

The spout of all Quooker models are enveloped in a double-insulated casing that prevents heat from escaping. This casing ensures the tap is not hot to touch when in use, at a considerably lower risk of burning compared to hot kettles.

In the design of its market-leading taps, Quooker has devised these special measures to provide access to a safer alternative to the kettle. Placing the well-being of consumers at the forefront, Quooker is a sound and stylish investment for safety-conscious parents.


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