“The Beauty of Choice” Introducing Fisher & Paykel’s new classic and contemporary ranges

Fisher & Paykel bring you their latest collections:

We believe the Kitchen is the heart of the home and the oven or cooker is at the heart of that. Cooking has become a collaborative activity and the kitchen is now the social hub of the home, whether you live in a contemporary home or a more traditional one.

We set our designers the task of bringing “the cooker being the social hub” idea to life when they were tasked with designing our new range cookers, and they have come up with designs that appeal to all.

With its size and dominance the range cooker has to be the centrepiece of the kitchen, and during our research phase it became clear that there were two distinct types of range cooker: a heritage looking range cooker, that had proven popular for many years, and an ultra-modern – professional looking range, where people were aspiring to the clean line and minimalist stainless steel look. Both styles were important and we took the decision to develop both ideas, as we knew that consumers would choose whichever style matched their lifestyle. We wanted to ensure we had a design that suited every kitchen, with features that aided modern life, cooking and cleaning habits.

The new F&P Classic Ranges become the centrepiece of the Kitchen, with the perfect blend of heritage styling and premium performance and functionality.

The new black Classic Range adds a warm touch of tradition to any kitchen. The design team in New Zealand focussed on getting the details right. The solid, yet perfectly balanced soft close door, rounded hob rail, durable trivets, and glowing halo dials boast craftsmanship in every detail.

The new single door range has an extra-large capacity (120L net), so it’s easy to cook multiple dishes in the large capacity oven.

The finely tuned burner hob lets you sear or stir fry over instant heat using the high burner power or simmer a delicate sauce on the gentlest of heats. Even heat through-out the ovens ensures that dishes on the top shelf turn out as perfectly as those on the bottom. The oven also allows for effortless cleaning with pyrolytic-proof side racks that you leave in the oven during a self-clean cycle.

The new Fisher & Paykel Contemporary ranges are designed in a refined minimalist style with attention to the smallest details. High-performance cooking technology offers multiple cooking functions as well as delivering the large family sized oven, the finely tuned burners that can give instant heat with fine control for the most delicate dishes. Even heat though-out the oven using AeroTech ™ convection system that circulates air evenly through the entire oven and the pyrolytic self-clean models.

Features and Benefits on both the Classic and Contemporary ranges:

Burner Power & control

The finely tuned hob controls are very easily controllable and let you sear or stir fry over instant, powerful heat using the high burner power on cast iron trivets; or simmer a delicate sauce using the gentlest of heats.


Dishes on the top shelf turn out as perfectly as the ones on the bottom due to our AeroTech™ convection system that circulates air evenly throughout the entire oven.

Effortless cleaning

Our Pyrolytic Self-Clean models have pyrolytic proof side racks that you leave in the oven during a self-clean cycle.

Easy to use

o   Full extension telescopic racking to bring the food to you

o   Auto re-ignition burners

o   Halo preheat light on our range cookers to let you know when it reaches the correct temperature

o   Halo lighting will light when burners are active

o   Soft close doors for a premium feel

o   Pyro-lytic proof side racks, so you can leave these in when you run a pyro-clean

o   High-resolution TFT display that is intuitive and easy to use (Series 6 only).

o   The powerful performance from both the oven and hob then this new range cooker delivers much more than a beautiful appearance

Fisher & Paykel use quality materials and technology and combine this with a clean, timeless design to deliver the highest quality products that are both efficient and enduring. The cohesive family of products match each other and can be distributed anywhere in the kitchen to allow true design freedom.


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