Tap Water trends with Quooker

The way we are enjoying water is changing Meeting the consumer demand, Quooker deliver taps that do it all. The huge rise in sales of filtered water and sparkling water over the past two years, shows there has been a
demonstrable shift in the way consumers are drinking tap water. This shift is largely due to the drive for sustainability within the home and the desire for more responsible consumption, topics at the heart of Quooker’s ethos.

70% of all Quooker taps now include the Cold Water Filter accessory, providing refined and ambient water on demand Improving the taste and odour of tap water, filtered water gives a noticeably better taste.
Typically, for those who live in hard water regions of the UK, the minerals present in the water can often result in it tasting like chalk and can often be cloudy in appearance. With the Quooker filter, these factors are removed to give only the best water for drinking and cooking.

Sales of the CUBE have increased by 50% over the last two years. Delivering chilled, sparkling water on demand, without the need for single use plastic bottles, Quooker’s technical innovation is providing users with a much more eco friendly alternative. With each CO 2 cannister yielding 60 litres of water before needing replacing, and with cannisters able to be recycled rather than thrown away, CUBE allows for more responsible consumption, without compromising on taste.

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