Sylmar Technology announce 4 new décors including an industry first

With the increasing popularity of the existing range of minerva solid surface décors, Sylmar challenged themselves to develop an industry first and expand their offering.

The minerva Solid Surface Range

Growing from 14 to 18 décor choices, the minerva range is perfectly formed, complementing trends from traditional to contemporary. Alongside the new signature décor, minerva Calcutta White, three further décors have been announced as part of the minerva Haze Collection.

Signature Décor – minerva Calcutta White

Peter Holt, Managing Director said:
“Two years ago, what we wanted wasn’t possible in solid surface. We saw the trend shift towards striking veining flowing throughout the surface, the desire for materials to be influenced by the natural world, the lure of marble and paler tones to complement décors within the modern home and we had a vision to create this as a solid surface. It is technically very difficult to create this effect in a solid surface. It’s easy in quartz, in porcelain, in laminate.

Marble worksurfaces can be costly and not practical. Natural materials are porous, cannot be cut or sanded easily, are difficult to repair and cannot be fitted within the home using standard tools.

“We are proud to announce what I believe to be an industry first, we have successfully created a Calcutta marble design in a solid surface worktop. It looks like marble, it feels like marble, yet it comes with none of the disadvantages. It’s an aspirational, beautiful product that has now been made accessible through the technology, expertise and ambition at Sylmar. To meet the demand of larger island sizes we are also able to create larger pieces than before.”

The minerva Haze Collection – Travertine Haze, Silver Haze, Concrete Haze

Throughout the world there is a trend for lighter surfaces, colours to complement grey tones, natural materials and a semi-industrial look for the home. The three products in the minerva haze collection, Travertine Haze, Silver Haze and Concrete Haze offer on-trend stylish surfaces that meet the demand from the consumer.

“With varying veining and undertones adding depth and dimension, the three new Haze décors are ideal for any home. Spanning every colour in the palette of modern kitchen trends, the new décors are a UK first. For centuries man-made materials have been influenced by the natural world and consumers aspire to have these design concepts brought into their home.”

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