Stoves launches world first Deluxe range cookers with new zoneless induction technology

Heritage British appliances brand, Stoves, has announced the launch of its new and upgraded Deluxe range cooker collection, helping home cooks to create incredible dishes they can be proud of, time and time again. The launch follows years of in-depth research and development, which found consumers seek flexibility and accuracy when purchasing a range cooker.

The renewed products feature innovative technology fresh for 2023, such as FreedomFLEX™ zoneless induction hotplates, a world first for range cookers, removing the rings that restricts cooks to add flexibility, capacity and freedom to a single full-surface cooking area, allowing customers to position any pan of any shape or size, anywhere on their hotplate.

The intelligent management system will even remember the power level of any pan that is moved to another position, automatically allowing cooks to carry on cooking. There are also useful pre-programmed settings for melting chocolate, simmering, and keeping food warm, so home cooks can expect consistently delicious results.

While oven temperatures can fluctuate by as much as 10% when using analogue thermostats, Stoves’ new collection features TrueTemp digital thermostats, which eliminates any variations in temperature to put customers in control, right down to the degree, to achieve perfect results, time after time.

There will be no more questioning whether it’s 200C or 185C, as TrueTemp clearly displays the chosen temperature. 

Stoves Deluxe Styles


Stoves’ new collection offers distinct styles of range cookers to suit individual tastes, from ultra-contemporary options to the more traditional look and feel.

The Richmond Deluxe is a modern take on a traditional looking range cooker, designed to fit any style of kitchen, whereas the Sterling Deluxe is a truly contemporary range cooker which fits perfectly at home in any modern kitchen. The Precision Deluxe offers further innovation, including an Umbra Glass™ black glass front, which becomes transparent when cooking. All the styles offer the same advanced features, designed to help consumers prepare the perfect meal.


Stoves Deluxe Fuel Options


The Stoves Deluxe collection of range cookers come in both Dual Fuel and Electric Induction models.

For customers who enjoy cooking with gas, Stoves is the only brand to offer both a traditional Dual Fuel hotplate and a Gas-Through-Glass option.

The collection’s Gas-Through-Glass Hotplate provides rapid and intense heat through a smooth ceramic glass surface, as well as a stylish and elegant look so consumers can cook with confidence and wipe it clean with ease.

In both Dual Fuel and Gas-Through-Glass options, Stoves’ Deluxe collection comes with the choice of selecting models with five, six or seven burners and the option of a PowerWok™ burner, which provides even heat over a large area, not only ideal for wok cooking but for high-speed cooking with any large pan, so home cooks can whip up a sumptuous dish in no time.

Stoves is also the only brand to provide consumers opting for induction range cookers with three distinct options in its Deluxe collection, including Touch, Rotary and Zoneless induction hotplates.

Stoves’ world-first FreedomFLEX™ range cooker zoneless technology offers inventive cooks the ultimate flexibility, capacity and freedom. Customers can select Rotary Control Induction knobs if they prefer a traditional look and feel with all the benefits of induction technology in a familiar system, which also features bridgeable zones. For those who prefer a more modern and sleek look, the option of Touch Control Induction features contemporary slider touch controls on the hotplate to put customers in control at the touch of a button.

The induction hotplates work by heating the pan rather than the hob, providing a smarter, faster, safer and greener way of cooking.

Stoves Deluxe Size Options

Stoves’ Deluxe collection comes in a number of sizes with widths ranging from 900mm to 1100mm, to suit kitchens of any size and design.

Stoves Deluxe Technology and Features

The Stoves Deluxe collection offers a wealth of innovations to give passionate cooks the flexibility and accuracy they need to create culinary masterpieces at home.

QuadOvens™: The new Stoves Deluxe products are also the only collection of range cookers on the market to offer 4 working ovens, which include a mouth-watering array of features to enhance any meal or meal prep and provides cooks with all the flexibility they need to create an array of tasty dishes at home.

Titan™ Twin Fanned Oven: The Titan™ Twin Fanned Oven option is a market leader and has a huge 96L capacity. The twin fans help to distribute the heat evenly through the oven, meaning customers can cook more food together, without worrying about changing oven positions. With it’s speedy preheating capacity, there’s also no need for cooks to wait for their range cooker to get up to temperature, so they can get busy making the most perfect dishes as quickly as possible.

Proflex™ Splitter: Stoves’ Proflex™ Splitter can transform the tall Titan™ oven into two ovens that can be individually controlled at different temperatures, perfect for dinner parties, with plenty of room to cook food separately, so there’s no need to worry about catering for everyone’s needs.

Multi-function Oven: The Deluxe ovens also feature a multi-function main oven with 13 functions to choose from, including Equiflow™ fanned cooking for perfectly consistent results, while bread proving and a tempting pizza setting provide the specialist functions that home cooks need to perfect dishes of all kinds.

Slow cooker oven: There’s also a very useful slow cook oven, which cooks food thoroughly and evenly on a lower temperature, working hard to make home cooks’ lives easier.

Rapid Pre-Heat: As a result of the consumer research, Stoves has also introduced a rapid pre-heat function, as home cooks know cooking from a cold oven impairs the quality of the food. So this technology automatically engages when the main oven is turned on, reaching the required temperature over 40% faster* allowing customers to start creating delicious dishes sooner.

Steam & Infuse™: Customers can also make the most out of their oven with the option of Stoves’ Steam & Infuse™ innovative accessory, which adds moisture and flavour to dishes, turning every meal into a masterpiece. This accessory will have home cooks delivering high standard, tasty dishes to dinner guests, eliminating the chance of their dishes being served dry.

Discover more of the Stoves Deluxe collection’s features online here:

The Stoves Deluxe collection of range cookers are now available at John Lewis, AO, Euronics, Wren Kitchens and all good independent electrical retailers

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