Steel the Show! Kitchens with the Industrial Look

Cement and metal are finding their way into our homes. They are part of a new variety of materials and go well with the Industrial Look that is currently so popular. Here, the design is streamlined and minimalist. Metal tones and shades of grey are ranking high on the popularity scale. Yet, these kitchens are far from exuding grey monotony. Quite the contrary: Planning them allows a high degree of creativity, producing individual results made for living in. An urban flair, a rough charm with a touch of originality and craftsmanship are at the heart of the Industrial Look. Functionality and comfort form a unity here. ‘Less is more’ is the principle to go by in the planning process. Thin worktops and shelves in an industrial design that can also be integrated into base units enhance the stripped-down, straight-lined appearance that characterises these kitchens. Subtle handles or handleless door fronts direct the focus to the surface. The targeted use of lighting not only intensifies the cosy atmosphere, it also shows off colours and texture to their best advantage. They are the protagonists in a kitchen where the material leads the way in terms of style.

Realistic decors complement the genuine materials used with the door fronts. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques it is hard to tell both apart. Nolte Küchen, for example, offers cement door PORTLAND alongside the authentic cement effect of STONE in Concrete decor. Using a matching carcase the look of the latter can be continued inside the units as well, giving the kitchen a truly monolithic appearance. Then there is FERRO, a door range with a genuine metal finish available in Blue Steel and Corten Steel. Here, METAL in Steel Grey or Copper Oxide decor provides authentic reproductions with a metal effect.

In a nutshell: The Industrial Look can be realised on various price levels. It is the idea that counts, not the budget. A comprehensive portfolio with matching finer details throughout brings on the living room touch and provides the necessary scope for combination.

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