Solstice – HiB Is Setting The Trend

With the growing demand for boutique bathroom products showing no sign of slowing down, HiB’s latest mirror, Solstice, is perfect to help showrooms make all the difference.

Solstice features decorative straps which create the illusion of a glamorous hanging mirror. What’s more, it’s edgy black frame is bang on trend, allowing it to complement everything from industrial to minimalist interiors.

In-keeping with the brand’s flare for intuitive luxury, Solstice includes colour temperature changing LED lighting, both surrounding the mirror and creating an ambient effect from behind. This allows users to effortlessly adjust the ambience of their bathroom, making all the difference in creating a relaxing or reinvigorating experience. The range also incorporates a clever heated pad, ensuring a condensation-free mirror.

The new Solstice range acts as a striking style statement as well as an integral part of the bathroom routine, making it ideal for homeowners with a flair for luxury design.

Ash Chilver, sales director at HiB, commented: “HiB is constantly monitoring the market in order to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to UK trends, and Solstice is a prime example of this.

“Hanging designs, complemented by black detailing, are likely to be extremely popular over the coming year and beyond. These represent an excellent recommendation for showrooms looking to capitalise on the current demand for rounded fixtures and accessories.”

Solstice is available in two sizes: Ø60cm (H90 x W60cm) and Ø80cm (H100 x W60cm).

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