Slim PLAN blue series fittings and thermostat shower mixers by KEUCO

KEUCO introduces two new on-wall shower fittings to complement the extensive PLAN blue range.
Choose from a thermostat shower mixer or a combination with an integrated head and hand
shower. The slim PLAN blue design and the shower mixer with head and hand shower is perfect
for private and hotel bathrooms and both options work with specifications for new builds and

KEUCO fittings always combine a first-class design, flawless finishes, and high performing
functionality with excellent quality. The traditional design language of the PLAN blue range of fittings
allows them to harmonize with different interior styles which makes them the ideal choice when it
comes to use in bathroom design.

The PLAN blue thermostatic shower mixers are available both classic chrome and a new modern
black with an almost velvety touch. This matte finish has a special lacquer coating that makes it
extremely durable and easy to clean, whilst adding an intense depth of colour that adds a luxurious
touch to the bathroom.

The design-strong flat head shower has a height-adjustable shower rail and the large overhead
shower (a diameter of 250mm) can be swivelled and moved to the desired position, whist the hand
shower is positioned within easy reach and at the right height with a shower slide.

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