Sleek design and high performance combine in Franke’s economical Tale Wall

With its slim, modern t-shape design, wealth of functionality and superior energy efficiency, the new stainless-steel Tale Wall cooker hood from Franke offers so much more than its competitive price tag of £499 inc. VAT would suggest.

The wall mounted hood measures 1198mm wide x 1000mm high x 470mm deep and offers three speeds, plus intensive, with an extraction rate of 700 m³/h at intensive speed, making it an ideal companion to range cookers.

The powerful, yet silent Tale Wall has an Energy Efficiency Class A++ rating, an easy to clean filter which removes smells efficiently, capacitative touch controls which add to the modern, timeless design and three LED lights.

Tale Wall is backed by a two-year warranty on working parts. For full flexibility, it can be fitted in either recirculating or ducted mode.

Tale Wall is one of the products in Franke’s revamped decorative hoods portfolio which features 40 new models ranging from retro design in smokey pastels aimed at a younger audience, through to the uniquely hand sculpted glass designs, aimed at the luxury consumer.

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