Simply Sharp!

Transforming and re-defining the purely functional and conventional image of both the dishwashing and laundry categories, Sharp is offering style and trendsetting efficiency for a whole new series of freestanding and built-in models.

Fit for life in every show-stopping kitchen, these style-driven dishwashers and washing machines will do so much more than chores alone, contributing to the decor and ambience of any given kitchen environment.

Challenging the aesthetics of freestanding product design, Sharp’s new stand-alone models rival the streamlined look of their built-in equivalents. Whilst they can be seamlessly fitted into any overarching kitchen style, they’re also made to offer some distinctive characteristics of their own.

Sharp QW-D41F452B Fifteen Place Setting Dishwasher

Seductive and ultra-appealing, the Sharp QW-D41F452B Fifteen Place Setting Dishwasher is designed in a sultry black glass finish – a bold and contemporary look which can still perfectly complement almost any colour scheme.

Creating the illusion of extra space thanks to its light-reflecting surface, it’s ideal for even the tightest of kitchen areas and comes with a concealed control panel that can only be seen from the top of the dishwasher door when it’s open.

As well as record-breaking eighteen-minute wash cycles for four place settings, it also offers an innovative WaterBlade feature. Providing two additional spray arms for the left and right-hand side of the bottom basket, this function ensures a more intense and area-specific clean for heavily soiled dishes.

Wash results for the interiors of mugs, glasses and babies’ bottles can also be greatly improved thanks to the dishwasher’s AquaGlide feature. Maximizing wash performance without the need for any additional electricity or water, this function relies on the use of manually adjustable funnels to channel water upwards into the interior of the items, or downwards for a more intensive clean in the bottom basket.
Designed to support the on-going trend for home entertaining, this dishwasher is also equipped with a removable wine glass basket. Making the wash process hassle-free, the basket can be used for all delicate glassware, enabling glasses to be safely carried to any nearby cabinet. Equipped with a StemSafe feature, it guarantees a safer wash, ensuring that the stem of each glass can be locked down with security tabs.

SuperEco+ Fourteen Place Setting Dishwasher

Twenty percent more efficient than other A+++ rated models, the SuperEco+ Dishwasher can operate on much less electricity. According to the Energy Saving Trust – one of the most renowned organizations for the promotion of energy efficiency – it, in fact, costs as little as €3.50 to run per month. Bringing obvious and on-going monetary savings, it’s also designed to save on water, running on just 5,4 litres per cycle thanks to its innovative recycling EcoBox mechanism.

As well as thorough cycles that can complete in under half an hour, this model offers a whole range of dynamic programmes, including a steam wash that’s ideal for glassware, ensuring a safe but thorough clean for delicate items.

A feat of must-have minimalist design, its AutoDoor automatically opens at the end of each cycle whenever the Energy Save button is used. Made for more unobtrusive and independent operation, it speeds up the drying process, ensuring that any remaining steam can escape after the completion of each programme.

Extremely user-friendly, the dishwasher even helps with its own maintenance, coming equipped with a visually striking red-coloured antibacterial filter, which keeps the interior more hygienically clean and fresh-smelling.

Sharp ThermoJet+ 8Kg Washing Machine

Promising life-enhancing efficiency as well as a trendsetting design, the ThermoJet+ Washing Machine is another freestanding model that can rival the contemporary style of built-in models.

Made to run on minimal energy, the model costs just €1.17 to operate per month – a calculation that has been verified by the Energy Saving Trust.2 Developed with ThermoJet technology, it not only speeds up, but also enhances the wash process, heating the water before it even hits the drum, so that more clothes can be washed in less time. With such a heating head-start, items can be washed at the optimum temperature for more of the cycle.

Ideal for life in open plan homes as well as apartments and townhouses, this washing machine is built to be on show, offering an uber-contemporary Full Graphic Dot Matrix display that illustrates each of its settings to ensure absolute ease of use.

Developed with striking aqua blue linings, which offer antibacterial protection, it not only provides a more colourful and impactful design, but also an extra defence against the likes of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus – two of the most common but dangerous strains of bacteria that can cause a whole host of illnesses including intestinal, skin infections, sepsis and pneumonia.

Keeping the peace and harmony of every home, ThermoJet+ also comes with a NightWash function, which delays the noisier spin part of the cycle by up to ten hours.

Offering a dark, more dramatic stainless steel look, the model is built with a wave cabinet finish to minimize any operational vibration and movement.

Sharp QW-GD531443X Fifteen Place Setting Built-in Dishwasher

At the cutting-edge of built-in design, Sharp’s integrated product series is equally compelling. The QW-GD531443X Built-in Dishwasher not only offers a larger fifteen place setting capacity, but also the latest functionality in an ultra-minimalist frame.

Designed with an iLED display, which is located at the top of the dishwasher door, it allows for super-discrete operation, using a white LED light to indicate when the dishwasher is in operation.

Sleek and streamlined, it also comes with a whole host of time-saving features, enabling consumers to achieve more with programmes, such as the Dual ProWash cycle, which allows delicate china and glassware to be washed at the same time as everyday crockery.

Bringing the latest intelligent technology to the affordable mid-market, it also takes on more of the programming work thanks to its IntelliWash function. Calculating the level of cleaning required, this cycle automatically adjusts the energy and the water consumption as well as the programme duration according to the requirements of each wash.

Approved by the German Test Institute, the dishwasher’s Hygiene programme offers an additional antibacterial defence. Especially important for young infants and elderly family members, this cycle can kill up to 99.99% of all bacteria.

As well as the protective StemSafe feature for wine glasses, this cleverly built model comes with adjustable baskets and foldable racks and a third tray that can be used to carry cutlery safely back to kitchen cabinet drawers.

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