Satisfaction Guaranteed! Häfele introduces lifetime guarantee across its in-house product set

Rugby, 30 January 2017 – Furniture fittings and architectural hardware specialist Häfele is introducing a lifetime guarantee across its own-brand product range.

Häfele’s own brands cover a wide array of products across the furniture fittings and design industry: The StarTec brand encompasses door furniture; the Slido brand offers a comprehensive range of sliding door hardware and the IxConnect brand provides furniture connectors, fittings and shelf supports.  The company also produces Loox – a plug-and-play LED lighting system, the MX soft-close drawer system and the FREE range of flap fittings.

All products that carry a Häfele Lifetime Guarantee have met Häfele’s high quality standards and have been tested according to the relevant industry certification, to the point that they guarantee the product will function as intended with no loss of operating quality, for the guaranteed lifetime period of that product. The guarantee covers the expected lifetime of the product in a non-commercial environment. This ranges from 7 years for the Loox lighting solution to 25 years for a solution such as IxConnect or the MX drawer system.

Members of staff and a customer panel were involved to understand the level of guarantee people would expect to see across products, and concluded the level of guarantee for each range as a result of this process.

Anthony Haworth, Supply Chain Director, Häfele UK, comments “Häfele is perhaps best known as a distributor of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture and fittings, developing partnerships with some of the most respected brands in the field. But we are also a manufacturer in our own right, with a pedigree dating back to 1923.

“At Häfele we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of high quality products, sourced from our partner brands or Häfele designed and manufactured. The flexibility this allows is essential in continuing to meet the needs of the markets and customers.”

Customers can find out what products are covered and the period for which they are guaranteed by looking out for the Häfele lifetime guarantee logo in the company’s catalogues and on individual products.

To make a claim against the guarantee the holder of the product invoice simply needs to e-mail with details of the invoice, the fault and supporting photography.

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