Rotpunkt roll-out new Together to Zero climate strategy

Rotpunkt, award winning designer and leading manufacturer of climate friendly German Kitchen furniture roll-out new Together to Zero climate strategy in partnership with, to help shape our future and support the 17 goals outlined by the United Nations for sustainable development.

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt says, “As the global pandemic recedes, we are planning the next stage of our brand evolution with Together to Zero. In line with increasing demand, an investment of double-digit million euros is planned to expand our headquarters in Bunde, in recognition of Rotpunkt’s stability in the kitchen industry and its home location in North-Rhine Westphalia.

The pandemic boosted our financial performance as consumers invested heavily in home improvements. In fact, we reported the best year to date, despite new challenges arising from disruptions in the supply chain. We are now inviting our dealer network and consumers to join us in reducing carbon emissions and making the world a better place one Rotpunkt kitchen at a time.”

The key components of the new Together to Zero climate strategy comprise:

Greenline BioBoard Gen2: A sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chipboards. Made by Pfleiderer Deutschland, BioBoard Gen2 is a resource-saving chipboard that consists of up to 90% recycled wood without compromising on style or quality. Fulfilling the world’s highest requirements for formaldehyde emissions, BioBoard Gen2 is certified F4 star standard = 50% less emissions when compared to conventional chipboard to ensure a healthier living environment in the domestic home: 80% of Rotpunkt products are made of Greenline BioBoard Gen2.

Climate Protection: Using an approach grounded in ‘avoid-reduce-compensate’, all Rotpunkt carbon emissions are being reduced gradually and effectively. Any emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced will be offset via sustainability projects in partnership with For example, and Rotpunkt are supporting hundreds of families in Kenya with efficient cookers. Currently, 849 Kenyans are already benefiting from better indoor air quality and more leisure time thanks to less time spent collecting firewood. In addition, the activities have preserved a forest area of 5.25 ha (equivalent to the size of 50 football fields) as a natural CO² reservoir.

Green Production: Optimising manufacturing processes and offering employees a healthy working environment ensures that the Rotpunkt sustainability pledge covers every aspect of its operations. For example, batch production at its Getmold plant has significantly reduced the amount of waste materials and Rotpunkt has also switched to green energy from approved suppliers. Staff also have the option of using mechanic exoskeletons to reduce the physical strain of performing heavy repetitive or overhead tasks. Rotpunkt production has been one hundred per cent climate-friendly, since 2020 thanks to the use of green electricity and investments in sustainability projects.

Acting Responsibly: 95% of Rotpunkt kitchen furniture is Forest Stewardship Council-certified and the company only uses wood from sustainable forests in Germany, Austria and France where working conditions are fair and human rights are respected. This ensures that Rotpunkt is being socially and environmentally responsible, helping to protect people and trees. The Forest Stewardship Council is a well-respected international organisation that promotes the conservation and responsible management of forests worldwide.

Growing Together: For the past five years, Rotpunkt has been appraising its systems and practices with one overarching aim – to make the business and its products more sustainable and climate-friendly. A carbon balance sheet dictates the future of the business so that economic, environmental, and social costs and benefits are given equal consideration. Rotpunkt reviews its CO² emissions each year and takes measures to continuously reduce its carbon footprint.

Bringing innovation and ease to the contemporary, feel-good kitchen is key for Rotpunkt as the wellness living trend evolves and consumers seek substance and evidence for eco-friendly claims.

Matt continues,” We believe in controlled steady and sustainable growth as the way forward. Corporate growth is projected to continue in the future at Rotpunkt with a renewed focus on the end user, to better understand their needs and reflect them in the products offered with an emphasis on affordable luxury. We pride ourselves on having an open and transparent culture and believe that having both climate-friendly products and processes is a key USP as consumers will want more accountability and responsibility from manufacturers before investing in big ticket purchases in the future. Design, function and quality are integral to our latest Together to Zero climate strategy, and so is our partnership and collaboration with our outstanding kitchen dealers – the lifeblood of our Rotpunkt family. Every day Rotpunkt moves a little closer towards climate neutrality and we invite everyone in the industry to join us on this planet-changing journey – one mission to zero emission.”

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