Roca’s new Optica range and why a vanity unit is your must-have bathroom companion

Roca has infused its latest furniture collection, Optica, with a playful touch. The collection features warm woods, cool whites, and a beautiful deep blue colour that is sure to catch the eye. Optica also includes a choice of differently-shaped countertop basins that promise to add a fun twist to any bathroom design.

What makes a vanity unit such an essential part of a bathroom design is a winning combination of good looks, useful storage and the fact it provides a welcome focal point for the room. “We’ve designed the Optica collection to tick all those boxes and more,” says Natalie Bird, Roca Brand Marketing Manager.

Here, Natalie explains why – and what to look for when buying a vanity unit.

Size matters
One of the initial considerations when purchasing a vanity unit is its size. While a larger model provides more storage and a more functional basin, it should not be so big that you have to squeeze around it. To ensure the right fit, carefully measure the available space. Ideally, leave about 760mm clearance between the front of the vanity and the opposite wall or fixture, and at least 200mm (if not more) on either side to avoid a cramped feel. The Optica furniture is available in three different widths (600mm, 800mm, and 1000mm), so there is a vanity suitable for all bathrooms.

Made to last
A bathroom vanity is an investment that should last for many years, especially since it will be used daily and frequently. As such, it’s important that it’s made of high-quality materials that will maintain their appearance over time. Optica furniture offers hardwearing finishes, from Matt White and Steel Blue lacquer to Light Ash, Walnut, and Dark Oak wood-effect melamine. Additionally, the furniture’s base material is highly resistant to moisture (V100 standard) and made from eco-friendly recycled wood. The furniture runners are tested to 60,000 cycles, ensuring they will last a lifetime.

Stylish good looks
Wood-effect finishes are a great way to add warmth and texture to your bathroom. Alternatively, a matt white finish offers a cool and contemporary look while also being fingerprint-proof, making it especially useful for family bathrooms. For a touch of ‘wow’, however, nothing beats colour, and that’s where Optica’s Steel Blue comes in.

If you haven’t yet experimented with colour in your bathroom, blue is an excellent choice. Renowned for its calming properties, blue can help create a relaxed and serene atmosphere. It is also versatile, complementing a range of shades, including neutrals like white, grey, and other earthy tones, as well as bolder hues like yellow and green. Blue is also a timeless colour, so a blue vanity, like Optica, will remain stylish and relevant for years to come.

Note: the blue pull handle on the Optica vanity (see below) is colour-matched with the matt finish of the drawer for a seamless look. Optica’s wood-effect furniture has a handle with a soft zinc finish








A place for everything
The primary function of a vanity unit is to provide storage space for all your bathroom essentials, keeping surfaces free and uncluttered. The Optica vanities excel in this regard, featuring two drawers: a larger lower one for bulkier items and a U-shaped top drawer fitted around the waste pipe. The top drawer is divided into useful compartments to keep contents organised. Drawers are preferable to cupboards since they can be fully pulled out, providing a clear view of their contents.

The beauty of basins
Wall-hung vanities can be adjusted to suit the height preferences of you and your family, as well as to accommodate the type of basin you prefer. Optica vanities are available with either an inset basin for a sleek integrated look, or with one of four over countertop basins: square, round with tapered edges, round with curved edges, or arc-shaped in Gloss White, Matt White, and Matt Black.

Optica’s inset basins are made from hardwearing Stonex®, Roca’s own mineral resin material that is both smooth and tactile, as well as impact, scratch, and UV-ray resistant. Moreover, in the unlikely event of damage, Stonex® can be repaired.  Optica’s over countertop basins are made from ceramic, which is also durable and easy to clean. Additionally, Roca ceramic comes with a 25-year warranty

Perfect partners
Last but not least, choose a tap that is designed to work in harmony with your basin. This will ensure that the tap is the right height and reach for the basin, and that it does not cause undue splashing.

Optica partners well with Roca’s Cala brassware both in terms of functionality and because the taps are available in matching Matt Black and Matt White finishes. See below for this pairing in action – the Matt White round basin is £370.

The Optica vanity units are available in 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm widths, and in Matt White, Steel Blue, Light Ash, Walnut and Dark Oak. Four countertop basins are available: square (350mm wide), round with curved edges and round with tapered edges (both 350mm diameter) and arc shaped (450mm wide).

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