Robert Lee Distribution Set Up Service to Support Key Workers Throughout the Coronavirus Epidemic

Looking to fulfil your keyworker orders but no supply chain? Robert Lee Distribution may have the answer…

UK wide Bathroom distributer Robert Lee has set up a specialist team to act solely on the processing, picking and delivery of goods to customers who have existing maintenance and supply contracts in place for key workers, namely, NHS, Pharmaceutical and Food Production and Distribution

The team, consisting of experienced sales, logistics and customer service staff, are working remotely, servicing orders to key industries, to ensure that operations outside of the bathroom trade can operate and customers are able to adhere to their contracts.

Having a dedicated team allows for rapid response time to enquires, ensuring that queries and orders can be dealt with within minutes – meaning products can get out the door and distributed to key industries. Robert Lee are also offering a fast turnaround service, with the majority of orders being able to be delivered next working day.

Robert Lee decided to suspend normal services last Monday evening, following government announcements, having seriously considered the risk attached to staff, customers and the wider community.

A spokesman from Robert Lee stated “ Following last Mondays events where we decided to suspend our normal services, we felt it was right that we sought a solution to help fulfil the orders of customers who had requests from key workers, where there was an urgent need for product, which in the long run could help in a small way, to the country coming through this pandemic.”

“We decided that we would devote time and resource to supporting these customers in adhering to their contracts for key workers and set about bringing together a team of individuals who had the skillset and experience to provide the best service possible.”

“We have set up a dedicated email address;, to direct customers too so that there enquires get seen immediately, by the Robert Lee staff, who are working directly on key worker orders.”
“Our stock levels are as always, very good, however we are also working with a number of key suppliers to fulfil orders where products are not in stock in one of the Robert Lee depots.”

“We have had a wonderful response so far from our customers and urge anyone who has key worker contracts to get in touch with us via our dedicated email address. We are able to facilitate supply to new customers, providing they comply to our standard account set up procedure, and would love to help them with their supply to key worker industries.”

Robert Lee Distribution are a key player in the distribution chain of the bathroom industry and are doing everything they can to protect their own staff, customers and the wider community from the effect the coronavirus is having throughout the country. Whilst they are keen to get back to resuming normal services for their large customer base, it would only be right to do this when it is deemed appropriate by the government to do so.

The commencement of this service is wonderful news for businesses unable to purchase through their normal channels, where key industries would be affected, and such services are positive for the overall long term economy of the bathroom industry.

To find out more on how Robert Lee can help your business support your orders and queries from key worker industries, contact

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