Quooker launches innovative new CUBE system for the tap that does it all

Quooker has launched its newest innovation, the CUBE. Equipped with a CUBE system, the Quooker tap now provides filtered chilled and sparkling water alongside 100°C boiling, cold and hot water, all from one tap.

The tap that does it all offers all the familiar advantages of a Quooker. It delivers water at true 100°C, saves time, water, energy and space and now also means you no longer need to buy plastic bottled water, an added bonus for the environment. Quooker owners can now enjoy a glass of refreshingly filtered chilled water or make delicious lemonades and cocktails with added sparkle.

The CUBE has been designed as an option to be added to any current Quooker system. The CUBE is easy to use and to maintain. Push-wait-turn, and the tap ring will light up blue for a flow of filtered chilled water. Push-turn, and the tap ring will flash blue for a flow of filtered sparkling water. Double push turn, and the tap will dispense 100°C boiling water with a red light. On the Fusion and Flex taps, ordinary hot and cold water is provided via a separate lever.

The CUBE is installed in the kitchen cabinet next to the Quooker tank. The CUBE is attached to a CO₂ cylinder that provides you with 60 litres of sparkling water from the Quooker tap.Replacement cylinders are easily ordered in the Quooker webshop at www.quooker.co.uk.

Used cylinders are returned to Quooker, free of charge, for refilling. The CUBE is equipped with an active carbon filter and a hollow fibre filter. Both filters together ensure a better water quality because they filter bacteria, chloride, chemicals and pesticides from the water. Each filter has a lifespan of 12 months.

The CUBE system will be available in the UK from 1 June 2019 and will retail at £1,150 in addition to the chosen Quooker tap. As an example, a Quooker Flex in polished chrome with PRO3 tank and CUBE system will retail at £2,300 including VAT. The CUBE is also on sale in ROI where a Quooker Flex in polished chrome with PRO3 tank and CUBE system will retail for €2,760 including VAT.


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