Quooker: Escape to the country-side

Explore the Classic Fusion range, for timeless rustic style

With the rise in appreciation for the timeless beauty of traditional styles and finishes, there is a revival of country chic in interiors. Meeting this consumer demand for more classic kitchen design, Quooker’s Classic Fusion range bring distinguished style to any sink. With knurled detailing that creates an ornate traditional silhouette, explore the full range at quooker.co.uk.

Quooker’s Classic Fusion range is available in a number of more traditional, statement finishes, including Vintage Nickel and Patinated Brass. Patina is a layer that develops on brass due to oxidation. With age and exposure, the surface and texture of the brass is altered, giving a beautifully unique aesthetic to every tap. Available in both round and square styles, a Classic Fusion is an elegant asset to any kitchen.

As with the entire Quooker collection, Classic Fusion taps are renowned for their ease of use and sustainable properties. The taps are designed to do it all at the twist of a handle, dispensing boiling, hot, cold, filtered, chilled or sparkling water from a single mixer. In revolutionising the use of water in the kitchen, these taps quickly become the most used appliance every day.

Whether a kitchen is wholly rustic in its design, or features a transitional style with country-influences blended with modern accents, the Classic Fusion tap is a valuable addition both decoratively and functionally.

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