Quooker Augmented Reality app lets you visualise perfection

Quooker has launched a new Quooker Augmented Reality app, which allows designers and prospective Quooker owners to visualise any of the company’s entire range of taps and finishes in situ, before they specify. “This app will be invaluable to designers and homeowners alike,” says Quooker MD, Stephen Johnson. “Not everyone can imagine how a particular tap or finish will look in a completed kitchen project, but now they don’t have to.  Our Augmented Reality app can show you how any model, in any finish, will look on your worktop or sink. In fact, you can use the app anywhere, so you can use it on a sample piece of worktop, or even to show friends what you’ve ordered before it’s even installed.”

The new app, named Quooker Augmented Reality, is already live and can be downloaded from the App Store to smart phones or tablets. The app allows you to download a vital marker disc, about the size of a drink coaster. Once this has been printed and cut out, it can be placed wherever you would like to visualise a Quooker. Quooker will also provide a marker for the app free of charge; just email markers@quooker.co.uk to request one.

Place the marker on the spot where you wish to install a Quooker, open the app, choose the model and finish that you would like, then aim your device’s camera directly over the marker. The app will project the chosen model in the selected finish, displaying an augmented reality of how the tap would look once installed on your worktop.

“This is a really user-friendly way of determining which model of Quooker tap and which finish would look best in your kitchen. Change the model and finish as often as you like until you decide on your perfect choice,” adds Johnson, “and have fun choosing!”


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