Q4 Contributes Donation to Build Wash Block for Zambian School

Q4 Bathrooms, a UK leading bathroom distributor, has recently donated to the Maureen Vincent Memorial School, Zambia. The money contributes to the final target of £7,500 needed to build a toilet and wash block for close to 100 children currently attending the school. Q4’s generous donation has helped the charity get one step closer to their target, and they urge their customers and partners to contribute to this worthy cause.

The Maureen Vincent Memorial School opened in 2015 and was inspired by Maureen Vincent herself. Following Maureen’s death, her husband, Malcolm, and close friends, Ross and Kirsteen Leventhal, set out to honour Maureen’s charity work to ensure this was never forgotten. The Maureen Vincent Memorial School provides the children of the village with four hours of education, a hot meal and basic medical care – something some of the adults in this village never experienced. As Kangonga is such a rural community, the inhabitants have been struck by awful poverty for years, meaning the school fees only cover 20% of what is realistically needed.

Q4 Bathrooms Managing Director, Richard Parker has said “This incredible charity has raised money to build and maintain a school, as well as fund the teachers. The Maureen Vincent Memorial School has provided nearly 100 children with the opportunity to start an education – something that wasn’t an option before 2015.”

Building a school in the rural community of Kangonga was the first step to initiate a brighter future for the children of this area. Now, Ross, Kirsteen and Malcolm are striving to build adjoining toilets and wash block, currently the children use a cess pit. Not only will the new toilet block offer the children a place to wash, it also means the Maureen Vincent Memorial School will be able to register with the Ministry of Education and receive some government funding.

Richard Parker commented “When I first of heard of this worthy cause I was drawn in and thrilled to contribute to the new toilet and wash block. Not only is this a project that requires help, it is closely in line with our business, I truly believe it will make a difference to many children. Growing up with an education and good sanitation is something we often overlook, but to these children, it could make all the difference to their future. I urge all customers and partners to take a look at the Maureen Vincent Memorial School charity website and donate anything they can to help reach the £7,500 target – you won’t regret it”

Ross Leventhal, fundraiser for the charity commented “we are always looking at ways of raising the much needed funds for the school from the local business community. I was delighted when Richard offered to donate such a generous amount to start off our latest build project.”

If you would like to get involved in the Maureen Vincent Memorial School charity, please visit the charity’s website for more details www.MVMschool.org

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