PerfectSense: unique look and feel on a robust board

EGGER has picked up a clutch of European awards for its super-smooth MDF boards with premium matt and gloss finishes.
PerfectSense represents the premium category of high gloss and matt MDF lacquered board from EGGER. Driven partly by the increasing popularity of slab doors, its expanded PerfectSense range is in demand for high-end residential and commercial areas and in upscale retail as well as for furniture design.
Manufactured using a sophisticated lacquering process, applied with precision to the surface, the PerfectSense high-gloss and velvety-matt lacquered MDF boards give an appearance of exclusivity and luxury, while special UV technology makes them durable and scratch-resistant.

Anti-fingerprint technology prevents fingerprint marks on the PerfectSense Matt surface, and the muted colours convey a reserved, high-quality atmosphere. A high degree of reflectivity on the PerfectSense Gloss makes rooms feel lighter and larger, and represents pure luxury, comparable to glass or acrylic.

EGGER UK’s head of decor design Elliott Fairlie said: “PerfectSense is much more than a conventional melamine-faced MDF board. Thanks to a multiple sanding process and a sophisticated, precision lacquer it combines visual perfection with a unique feel.”

Elliott continued “It has received a ‘Special Mention’ at the German Design Awards 2016, won ‘Best of the Best’ at the Iconic Awards 2016 and in Cologne we won an award for ‘High Product Quality’ at the Interzum Awards 2017 which confirms the premium quality of PerfectSense”.
Create a uniform finish with PerfectSense
The wood-based material manufacturer is closing the product gap to existing MDF lacquered boards with PerfectSense Matt on laminate. As such, vertical and horizontal furniture applications, as well as curved surfaces, become possible in the EGGER set of matching decors and materials. Matching ABS and PMMA edging is available in gloss and matt for uniform designs. The 2.800 x 2.070 mm format is suitable for cutting and therefore allows for utilisation, low wastage and cost effectiveness, making projects affordable.
High-end surfaces in trendy decors
EGGER follows current trends with PerfectSense Matt. The contrast with high gloss is currently in great demand for exclusive interior designs, and represents superior value. It is primarily used in the high-end furniture sector as the superior quality differentiates it from other matt furniture surfaces. Touching is not a problem with PerfectSense Matt due to its anti-fingerprint properties.
The smooth surface and 3D finish means that PerfectSense Gloss stands out from other high-gloss surfaces. The high quality look and durability, is due to the melamine-faced MDF decor board being sanded repeatedly and then coated via a highly technical procedure.

In line with its aim of offering high-end surfaces in trend decors EGGER encourages the mixing of matt and gloss with its complementary colour palette across both ranges.

The wide choice available in the stock matt range is on-trend, with decors such as U702 Cashmere Grey, U708 Light Grey, U732 Dust Grey, U222 Crema Beige and U727 Stone Grey. In addition to the classic W1000 Premium White and W1100 Alpine White, U999 Black and the ‘nearly black’ decor U961 Graphite Grey are also experiencing a comeback on matt surfaces.

The stock range of PerfectSense Gloss includes some trendy, bold decors such as the bright U323 Chilli Red and the woodgrain reproduction H3025 Macassar. A dark U961 Graphite Grey, as well as U999 Black, showcases the exceptional depth and glass-like finish of PerfectSense Gloss.

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