nuie Engages Customers Online with 2020 Ideal Spaces for Bathroom Design

UK bathroom manufacturer and distributor Roxor Group is enhancing their retailer and merchant experience through their nuie website.

London, UK – July 20th 2022 – Compusoft + 2020 is excited to announce that Roxor Group has launched their nuie DesignApp powered by 2020 Ideal Spaces to connect to both merchants and homeowners. With a continued focus on customers and innovation, Roxor has implemented 2020 Ideal Spaces to allow consumers to visualise, experience, and interact with Roxor’s exciting new product ranges. The solution is a blended journey of different branded products, including nuie, Hudson Reed and Old London.

‘Tradespeople can use nuie DesignApp, powered by 2020 Ideal Spaces, to connect to both merchants and homeowners,’ says Keeley Sutcliffe, Brand Manager of nuie. ‘The tradesperson becomes the key that turns The Look into The Room.’

‘We’re delighted that Roxor has chosen 2020 Ideal Spaces to enable their online journey from inspiration to purchase for their product ranges,’ states Compusoft + 2020 EMEA Senior Director Tim Lambert. ‘We look forward to developing a long-term partnership with Roxor, whose exciting vision for the future aligns well with ours. Our commitment is to enable our global customers to adapt, evolve and thrive using our best-in-class technology, data, insights, and results for scale.’

The product content has been built in such a way to assist the user and ensure the correct products are selected, placed, and accurately priced while visualised in 3D. It offers detailed images with powerful product functionality and intuitive product associations to enable users to quickly build a complete bathroom. Consumers can have impressive close-up 3D images of 5,000+ products, demonstrating 2020 Ideal Spaces’ content capabilities.

‘The nuie DesignApp powered by 2020 Ideal Spaces is driven by one thing and one thing alone –creating real value for all customers, all the time,’ says Tony Wood, Founder and CCO of nuie.

The benefits of Roxor’s implementation of 2020 Ideal Spaces include:

  • Adding value and enhancing the customer experience
  • Designer and sales tools that are easy to use offline and digitally
  • Time-saving—turns the look into the design in less than 20 minutes

Connecting consumers to tradespeople through designs

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