New sinks and taps brochure from Abode

Taking on a fresh format with a consumer-focused design, the new Abode Sinks and Taps brochure has a coffee table magazine vibe, combined with all the practical details retailers need when specifying products.

Packed with more information than ever before, the brochure is design-led, much like the products themselves, with an inspiring layout and striking photography throughout.

A useful sales tool, the brochure also aids retailers and consumers with matching Abode sinks and taps for the perfect pairing of products that are so often purchased together.

Simple to navigate, the brochure is a handy reference guide to all things Abode, beginning with the manufacturer’s impressive sinks range which encompasses stainless steel, ceramic and granite undermounts and insets.

As well as detailing each sink, the brochure explains the differences between the materials, sizes and styles available so consumers can make an informed choice and retailers have the top-line details at their fingertips.

The Taps offering is just as comprehensive, with Pronteau steaming hot water taps, contemporary and traditional styles plus Abode’s range of water filter taps all featured.

A useful breakdown of Abode finishes takes the challenge out of finding taps to complement the overall kitchen design, while an overview of tap performance ensures the correct choice of tap is made based on individual plumbing requirements.

Overall the Abode Sinks and Taps brochure combines inspiration with information, creating an essential marketing tool for retailers.

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