New research reveals it would cost £4.1million every month to buy organic traffic of Victorian Plumbing

New data analysis into the search performance in the Bathroom sector from Search Marketing agency, Evolved Search, has identified that once again held onto the crown for the most organically- visible site in the UK for bathroom specialists across Google. This means that their combined coverage of search keywords and the likely traffic they would drive from all those positions was greater, and in this case, was far greater than any other players in the sector.

To those working in the industry, this is likely to be little surprise, with the online supplier storming past the previous search leader’s visibility in January 2018.

When asked about their future, the company’s Founder, Mark Radcliffe, clearly outlined in 2019 that their goal going forwards was to be number one in the industry for profitability, service and turnover and their organic search performance seems set to propel them a good way towards this goal.

Following their initial rise in UK search results, Victorian Plumbing is now ever-present in the top spot for a wide range of highly sought after, high search volume keywords.

Since this switch at the top in 2018, the competition for second place in search has seen’s visibility score continue to decline from a 5-year high in excess of 25,000, falling by 65% to only 9,229 at the time of writing.

Taking over second place as a result of this is who have consistently held this position since early in 2020 (now with over 14,000 visibility).

Some other success stories of 2020 worthy of a mention are and Both sites have seen big percentage uplifts over the year. 2020 has seen both sites burst onto the first page of Google in a big way (no pun intended), doubling their organic visibility and establishing themselves in the top 5 for online bathroom specialists.

To each site, the final value of any traffic is dictated by their ability to convert each customer visit to a sale and how much that sale makes the business, but from a marketing perspective we can estimate what each of these sites would likely pay if they had to buy all of this traffic through Google Ads.

As you may have gathered from the title, using this method we can estimate that Victorian Plumbing receives a huge £4.1million worth of traffic on average from their organic search visibility every month.

So how can brands in this sector challenge the status quo?

For brands in the Bathroom sector looking to compete beyond the head on approach of throwing large sums of money at advertising, there are some more direct cost-effective ways to carve out some market share in search.

A starting point is to get the fundamentals right on your website. In 2021, it’s unlikely sites looking to succeed in competitive spaces will get away with things like having a significant number of duplicate pages or a poor structure with badly constructed URLs.

Every one of your pages needs to be at least in the game to rank for a vast array of search variations your customers use to find your products.

Take content seriously on your site and invest in improving it as a resource. A colleague of mine used to say that if you are not having that conversation with your customer, your competitor will be.

Start building pages and sections and hubs that not only serve to make the sale to those ready to buy, but also walk your customer through the buying cycle and guide them through the discovery and learning process to set them up to make that conversion.

On the links front, going on the offensive effectively requires using targeted tactics to proactively drive up the rate at which your site acquires links each month.

Evolved Search has gathered this research into a free downloadable report, with further actionable insight on how they’ve helped brands like Tap Warehouse and Drench to propel performance in search and achieve great results.

You can access the full report here.

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