Neolith® delivers impeccable continuity with landmark Infinity rectifying system

Neolith® launches Neolith Infinity in January 2018. This system, the latest fitting solution from the market-leading Sintered Stone Surface brand, will offer designers more scope for creativity and fabricators enhanced precision.

Neolith Infinity is a first in the Sintered Stone market. It is a multi-functional tooling system which helps fabricators connect two slabs together seamlessly by finely sharpening their edges before levelling them immaculately.

The result of extensive research and development by Neolith’s dedicated technical team, Neolith Infinity is a direct response to calls from interiors designers for hyper-realism and invisible jointing on in residential kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities.

The device consists of three elements: the guiding rule, parallel system and grinding head. It performs the necessary guiding to work along the edge, placing a fixed ruler for ultimate accuracy before performing the grinding task. The end result is a faultlessly planed edge of Neolith slab, ready to be matched.

This remarkable mechanism allows for the creation of super-strength joints with high resistance to UV and no thermal expansion. Whether subject to intense heat, strong sunlight or humidity, both surface and join will maintain integrity. The tight bond and Neolith’s hygienic properties also ensure that the worktops are easy to clean and maintain.

Neolith Infinity can be used across the whole range of Neolith surfaces, an exceptional choice for thicker worktops of 12mm or 20mm.

Commenting on the System, Neolith’s Mar Esteve Cortes says: “It’s always exciting to bring a new product to the market, especially one which we have invested so much time and expertise in creating. From a practical perspective, Infinity offers far greater flexibility for those looking to incorporate a Sintered Stone surface within their home, presenting plenty of aesthetic inspiration.

“From a philosophical perspective, I think Infinity reflects Neolith’s imaginative approach and uncompromising desire for perfection. We cannot wait to see the potential for Infinity when our fabricators get their hands on it!”  

To ensure fabricators and designers know how to use the device to its greatest effect, Neolith is sharing its expertise in a how-to video and a technical manual. This will be made available to Neolith Infinity purchasers, as well as membership to an exclusive area on the Neolith site to receive specific product support.

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