Multipanel partners with Virtual Worlds to elevate bathroom planning in 3D and 4D

Multipanel, the UK’s leading bathroom wall panel brand, has partnered with CAD software provider Virtual Worlds in a landmark move that will see retailers showcasing its bathroom wall panel collections in a fully immersive 3D and 4D virtual reality. 


Multipanel has added its range of bathroom wall panels to Virtual Worlds, which will allow retailers to create photorealistic presentations to customers, who will be able to better see how the products would look in their own bathrooms.  


Commenting on the partnership, Lidia Cetrangolo, Marketing Manager, Multipanel, said: “We are delighted to be able to showcase Multipanel through Virtual Worlds . Technology is evolving at such a fast rate, and at Multipanel we know how important it is to embrace new technological development in order to continue to offer our customers the very best service.  


Being able to showcase our wall panels in immersive 3D and 4D virtual reality will help customers visualise how our bathroom wall panels would look in their own bathrooms. This gives homeowners a more personalised and tailored experience in showrooms, providing a wealth of design ideas that many consumers may not have considered before.   


Customers will be able to view our range of collections and decors, to see which finish works best in their home—including stone, marble, neutral, or even tile-effect panel finishes. 


At a time when retail space is at a premium, going virtual opens up a limitless world of space for showrooms—the benefits of which are extensive. By offering our own products digitally, retailers will be able to provide a more comprehensive range of products to their consumers.” 


Multipanel bathroom wall panels are available in a range of surface designs, including marble, granite, wood and tile effect.  


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