The award-winning global designer and manufacturer of showers and tapware, Methven, has pledged its support to Waterwise, the water efficiency and conservation charity, for the fourth year running.

As part of its commitment to helping the UK reduce its water consumption through innovative water saving technology, Methven will be taking part in this year’s Water Saving Week, which is taking place from 23rd – 27th May 2022.

There are concerns around the recent increase in energy bills, which have resulted in the average direct debit default energy bill increasing by 54%, with 6.5 million households estimated to be in fuel poverty. Due to these increases, it is vital that individuals and households make simple changes to water consumption to minimise waste and reduce energy bills.

Chris Billingham, Head of Marketing & Innovation at Methven UK, comments: “Safeguarding water is at the very heart of our business and values. We believe in empowering individuals to act in ways that maximise water efficiency in order to futureproof the planet.

“Since the increase in the energy price cap in April, bills have soared, and in the process, put a great amount of financial pressure on people across the country. Now, more than ever, it is important that we monitor how we use our water and find ways to cut back.

“By working together with Waterwise, we hope to highlight our message of saving, not wasting water, and educate the public on how simple changes can help us monitor our water use to benefit our communities and the planet.”

Methven has received international acclaim for best design and sustainable practices. This includes its innovative water-saving technologies, such as its patented Satinjet®, AurajetTM and VjetTM spray technology, being incorporated into a range of stylish and contemporary shower collections, which delivers water efficiency, without having to make a choice between a positive showering experience and saving water.

Waterwise is an independent charity focused on reducing water consumption within the UK, whose aim is to be supporting and challenging governments and others to be innovative and ambitious on water efficiency.

For further information please visit: or tweet us at @MethvenUK.

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