Methven Launches One Book 2022

Methven, global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and taps, has launched its new product guide, the One Book 2022, which showcases its latest range of premium showers, tapware, and accessories, including its Deva by Methven collection.

With over 180 pages of detailed product descriptions, cut-out and lifestyle images, and pricing, the brochure provides retailers and professional installers with technical specifications for Methven’s extensive portfolio of products. The One Book is separated into showers and tapware by Methven, followed by Deva showers and tapware, with both collections featuring kitchen and bathroom ranges designed for commercial and domestic use.

Highlights include the new Deva Ashworth sink mixers, which are optimised to operate on low pressure systems and come in four stylish finishes: chrome, copper, brushed brass, and matte black.

As part of Methven’s legacy to pioneering shower and tapware design, the One Book 2022 also highlights its advanced Satinjet® and Aurajet® collections. With unique twin-jet technology, Satinjet®. showers deliver 300,000 droplets per second to create a full body shower experience, while Aurajet® technology provides 20% more spray force than a conventional shower and twice the amount of water contact with the skin.

As the importance for water and energy saving products continues to increase, the updated version of the One Book also includes key information on new products and accessories that can aid individuals in saving on water and heating bills each year. This means that industry professionals are equipped with the knowledge they need to recommend energy-efficient products or monitoring tools to customers.

One of the latest water-saving technologies included in the digital version of the One Book is Methven’s online interactive water saving calculator, which allows users to discover how much they could save on water and energy bills with each Methven shower head.

Chris Billingham, Head of Marketing and Innovation for Methven, said: “The launch of our new One Book is more than showcasing our latest products. Whilst it does include the latest additions to our ranges in a practical, easy-to-follow format, it crucially highlights the ways in which industry professionals can assist their customers in achieving more water and energy efficient solutions.

“This includes our water saving flow regulators, new Aio S showers and online water saving interactive calculator, which reflect our commitment to aiding individuals in achieving water saving, without compromising on performance.”

For further information on the full range of Methven products and to download a copy of the new brochure, visit:


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